‘Reston Lights’ Seeks Crowdfunding for a Timely Exploration of Children’s Rights and the Anonymous Internet

ASHBURN, VA – October 3, 2016 – JEM Light Studios, the production arm of Janna Educational Media, an educational, humanitarian and philanthropic organization, has announced the launch of its fundraising campaign for an upcoming film, Reston Lights

Reston Lights tackles the widely discussed and troublesome issue of online solicitation and internet crimes against children. The film’s protagonist, Glory, is a typical elementary age youngster and a young dreamer who longs for success and freedom. Based in Reston, Virginia, a close-knit community that is oscillating between old world values and the call of new freedoms, the movie takes viewers along Glory’s escape from her family through the wild world of the internet, where autonomy can be gained or lost with a click. As her life spirals out of control, she must find salvation through the family she had left behind.

The edge-of-the-seat drama shows how anonymity and a false sense of security are double edged weapons that the internet wields and to which children are especially vulnerable. It is a timely and relevant exploration of Internet safety, family empowerment, community engagement and social justice.

Reston Lights is designed to uplift children, families, and communities through an artistically captivating film that provides a beautiful rendering of life, truth, grace, and vulnerability through the lens of a child,” said Deatema L. Abdul-Latif, Filmmaker.

Janna Educational Media is an educational, humanitarian and philanthropic non-profit with a focus on original content. JEM’s goal is to raise awareness of important social issues that impact children and youth across the globe. Its mission is to foster respect for diverse cultures through sensitive yet thought provoking storylines that inspire and uplift the human condition. JEM Light Studios, the conduit to reach this goal, serves as a premier production company that specializes in feature film presentation and digital content to reach audiences around the world.

To know more, please visit: https://igg.me/at/restonlightsmovie

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