Media Contacts List Publishes ‘Buy Media List: Pros and Cons’

Buy Media ListMedia Contacts List now offers a selection of media contacts lists, categorized based on type, industry, coverage, and geographical location. Lists can be purchased for prices as low as $25 at the website

There are a number of advantages to buying media lists.

Most importantly, buying media contact lists is a major time-saver. The process of building a reliable media list can take months. The time spent on this effort could be directed to other endeavors which will more directly improve business outcomes, such as creating website content or providing excellent customer service.

Secondly, a good media list will put you in direct touch with editors and journalists. Otherwise, it can be very difficult to establish a relationship with those in the media who will be instrumental to spreading the word about a business.

And also a media contact list can save money. Just finding one good client more than pays for the cost of the purchase. A high-quality media list can dramatically increase conversion rates, especially if it can be used more than once.

There are also several “cons” to consider regarding the purchase of a media contacts list.

For example, in some cases the information in a media list may be inaccurate. If so, it can be a waste of time, sending users on a long tunnel to nowhere.

Sometimes if businesses are not careful about the people they contact and their purpose, they run the risk of getting a reputation as a “spammer.” Such a reputation can be harmful to future success.

In addition, quality media contact lists can be expensive, some charging as much as $300 for about 150 contacts.

In contrast, Media Contacts List offers comparable lists for prices starting at just $25. A comprehensive media list, with contacts for the entire state of California, costs only $175.

This is an excellent option for those who want to buy a media contact list but don’t have a large PR budget.

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