Card Armor® Announces New Design of Their Popular Blocking Sleeves

LOS ANGELES, CA – 3 Oct, 2016 – Card Armor® is pleased to announce that they have reconfigured their popular RFID (radio frequency identification) Blocking Sleeves to make them more user-friendly. This high-end design is highly sought after in the United States as more people search for ways to keep their personal information safe and secure. Now Card Armor® has made it possible to store more than one card in each sleeve, improving versatility and adding extra value for money.

CEO and spokesman for Card Armor®, Mr. Alex King explains why this product is so important, “Anyone with credit cards, social security cards or any other cards with personal information must take steps to ensure that sensitive information does not fall into the wrong hands. ‘Skimming’ is a common term used to describe the practice of copying data from these cards for unauthorized use. This can be achieved by accessing information stored on RFID chips using a special scanner. We have created our RFID Blocking Sleeves to ensure that this doesn’t happen. If you’re looking for a credit card protector that really works, this product is what you are looking for.

The RFID sleeves stop signals being transmitted between chips and scanners. While cards remain in these protective sleeves the radio frequencies are scrambled and this prevents unauthorized access. The Card Armor® design is unique. These sleeves feature a transparent plastic cover that enables easy identification of the card for quick access when making purchases. The black back contains materials that stop RFID signal transmission. The ability to now be able to store two cards in one sleeve ensures added value for money.

One of their customers describes the usefulness of this product, “I received my Card Armor® sleeves and am very pleased. They are well made and I expect them to hold up well to use and wear. The clear front is a huge plus. I carry a number of cards and this way I don’t have to stop and search to find the right card. I’m concerned about protecting my privacy and these sleeves help give some peace of mind. They are everything I’d hoped for when I ordered them. My sister is doing some traveling and I plan on getting her a set as well.”

The Card Armor® RFID Blocking Sleeves are sold in sets of six. This product retails on and is available throughout the United States. Currently these protective sleeves are discounted for a limited time only. All Card Armor® products come with a lifetime warranty.

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The Card Armor® company makes a new clear front protective card holder designed to prevent identity theft due to unauthorized scans. The card fits in any standard sized wallet or purse. Patent Pending.

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