Missouri contractor helps hearing-impaired couple with roof funding

When an old hearing-impaired couple was denied by the insurance company of coverage for leaking roof, local property restoration company Professional Restoration stepped in to help with roof funding.

Glendale, MO – October 3, 2016 – No matter how self-centered our world has turned into, there still seems to be some generous souls who do not think twice when it comes to extending help for others. One such kindred spirit is local contractor Professional Restoration which has actively stepped in to restore the house of an old hearing-impaired couple Charles & Jennie. Unfortunately, Charles was denied by insurance company as he was unable to pay the high premiums that further worsened their leaking roof and consequently their entire home.

A leading name in MO restoration sector, Professional Restoration has teamed up with the local vendors and a manufacturer to take care of the leaking roof of the old couple. While the restoration company has donated the labor-support for roof installation, roofing company Certain Teed Roofing donated the roofing material. The roof was restored on September 29, Thursday.

It was the Professional Restoration manager Gwen Maechling who first met Charles & Jennie last winter and came to know about their unfortunate state. As she brought it to the notice of her boss Myriah Boettler and her team at office, together they decided to do the needful for the couple.

I met Jennie & Charles in 2015 February while installing roof in their locality. Both of them are hearing-impaired but I was more heart-broken to discover how badly their home needs repair, major repair I mean. They were struggling with a leaking roof, their gutters were not properly shedding water away from their home and they were in a dire need of a good siding to keep the property water-tight. A new set of windows were required as well. As I mentioned everything to my boss and my team, we immediately decided to step in to ensure a better life for Charles & Jennie”, explained Gwen while speaking on her first encounter with Charles & Jennie.

Charles & Jennie’s home is one of the oldies in the block, dating back to 1949. Insurance premiums are always higher for older homes since these properties are tagged ‘highly risky’ for loss, which meant further burden on Charles and Jennie. Charles wasn’t able to pay his premium, leading to a lapse in coverage. The insurance company said the date of loss fell within that lapse of coverage and hence it got really unaffordable for the couple to maintain their beloved home.

However, the old couple are somewhat relieved now as Professional Restoration has helped them with the roofing while they have also received private donations for vinyl siding & gutter guards. But the roof leaks have damaged the property internally and its wooden windows are rotten simply beyond repair. They would immediately need a new set of windows and with that in mind Gwen has launched a crowdfunding campaign at Go Fund Me to seek support for Charles & Jennie’s home.

“There are still many more remodeling works to do to get the home back to its normal functional state. It would mean a robust financial backup and collaborative approach from us all, thus this crowdfunding campaign. Your generous support would be much appreciated. It’s our moral duty to lend our active support to the seniors to ensure a joyous happy life for them once again.”

To show your support for the restoration of Charles & Jennie’s home, go to https://www.gofundme.com/nqc1ss

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