Huanyu offers its range of specialized industrial gloves for working safely in specialized industrial environments

Founded way back in 1998, Huanyu has exclusively dedicated itself to the production of high quality gloves that are indispensable for working safely in specialized industrial or commercial production environments.

Innumerable workers and laborers work in hazardous commercial/industrial environments where there is always the attendant risk of getting injured or facing a mishap. Work or industrial safety rules demand that laborers working in factories, laboratories, pharmaceuticals plants and other types of commercial establishments where the working conditions pose health hazards or endanger one’s life wear protective clothing. For instance, workers employed in iron and steel plants, foundries, glass production factories, and electrical equipment manufacturing concerns (just to name a few) are required to put on gloves at certain stage(s) of the production process. Gaomi Huanyu Labor Products Co., Ltd is a business organization located in China that is a vanguard work gloves manufacturer on a worldwide basis.

Huanyu produces a diverse variety of safety gloves including welding gloves, PVC dot gloves, cut resistant gloves, nylon PU coated gloves, PVC coated gloves, nitrile coated gloves, and latex coated gloves. Each and every one of its ware coming out of the assembly lines is perfect in every respect and fulfils the primary function of according complete protection to the hand from toxic chemicals, fire, and other potential hazards. For instance, its PVC monkey grip glove that is extensively used in wet and/or damp work environments is from a blend of materials including PVC, interlock liner material, and jersey fabric.

PVC monkey grip glove

Following the production of the gloves, it is densely coated so that the same retains its functionality in high or low temperature work environments. This type of glove is usually produced as per specific customer requirements where generally two distinct lining materials are used. One of these materials has a flimsy texture with interlocking pattern rendering the glove suitable for using in high heat working conditions. The other fabric lining is actually jersey material that makes the product extremely warm and comfortable making the gloves apt for wearing in an environment that is unusually cold and damp. Another item for which Huanyu receives bulk orders from different corporate customers is the heavy duty PVC glove.

This hand mitten is stitched out of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and cotton materials. This hardwearing glove is sewn out of jersey liner according the product qualities like high absorbency and denseness. At the same time, the innate properties of the materials make the gloves soft and comfortable to wear. The robustness of the product is such that it doesn’t get deformed even in extreme working conditions. Immersion in PVC bath makes the gloves extra durable. The topmost layering is coated with black PVC enabling the glove sufficient traction thereby preventing the hands from slipping. This work gloves manufacturer recommends use of this tough PVC gloves in grueling industrial work environments.

About Gaomi Huanyu Labor Products Co., Ltd

Huanyu is headquartered in Giamo City where over 500 skilled craftsmen turn out nearly 3, 10, 000 pairs of glove per day. For more details, please visit their website.

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