New Social Media Favorite – Airwheel Backpack portable electric folding bike E3

To name some hottest commuting vehicles, Airwheel backpack e bike E3 will be on top of the list. The intelligent vehicle makes daily commuting more comfortable and enjoyable.

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The urban travelling difficulty is mainly caused by road congestion. Everyday working mood is severely damaged by the road trip. There may be a suitable vehicle fit for each era. Currently, Airwheel foldable e bike E3, featuring portability and agility, is a perfect solution to the modern traffic condition.

Airwheel foldable e bike E3

The fancy shape and appearance have made it a social media buzz. Airwheel E3 is incredibly small. It has adopted light aluminum alloy frame to achieve a light weight. Painted with cool white color, the vehicle appears fashionable and energetic. Most parts of the vehicle are extremely foldable, including the controlling shaft, pedals, saddle and tires. When fully folded, the vehicle occupies the size of only a backpack. The saddle equipped is different from traditional ones. It adopts an ergonomic left-right design to guarantee a comfortable sitting posture. Owning the amazing backpack electric bike, people will be the spotlight either on social media or on the road.

Airwheel foldable e bike E3 

In face of traffic congestion, Airwheel E3, powered by electricity, saves energy for daily commuter. Even when there is a traffic jam, riders can fold and pack the vehicle to transfer to buses and metros. The folding e bike is suitable for daily commuting as well as holiday travelling. The vehicle when fully folded, can be stored in car trunks. Bikes or electromobiles are prone to be stolen. The portability of Airwheel E3 has ruled out the possibility. E3 user can always keep it in sight, since it can be carried anywhere due to the small size and light weight. The battery of E3 is also dismountable. Riders can remove the battery. Without the battery, no one can use it. Whether people go shopping or dining, they can carry the vehicle with themselves.

Apart from the advantage of portability, the electric folding bike has given full consideration to the comfort level of riding. The materials chosen and the unique designing are all targeted at providing the best user experience to its users. Airwheel is an established intelligent vehicle manufacturer in the industry and the quality of E3 is definitely reliable.

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