Logistical Software Launched By Motagistics, LLC to Manage Activities of Medical Cannabis Industries.

Northumberland, PA – October 3, 2016 – Motagistics, LLC, the leaders of logistical management of medical cannabis launches a service industry software called Motagistics Seed to Sale Software Suite(4s), an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)  that enable clients to integrate applications, automation, functions and requirement related to technologies and human services. The possibility was achieved through collaboration between the White Hat, LLC, and Keystone Validation Group. Inc.

Motagistics 4S is a turnkey e-commerce industrial software, the architecture of which tailors to regulatory compliance and operations of this still budding, quasi-regulated State medical cannabis markets.  While also addressing the unrealized needs of State medical cannabis markets, Motagistics LLC brings this next generation of logistical software to this quickly evolving industry by partnering with the State regulatory agencies. This partnership enables the organization to affordably and more efficiently manage legislation through turnkey Point of Sale (POS) software that offers next generation e-management, e-process, e-finance, e-advertising and e-marketing business functionality to all medical cannabis regulators and vendors.

Motagistics 4S automation encompasses all businesses aspects involved with State medical cannabis markets, providing tailored business process capabilities within software modules develop unique to all vendor types that constitute the legalized medical cannabis industry which includes:

• Regulatory Oversight / Control

• Law enforcement

• Physicians & Patients

• Growing

• Testing

• Processing

• Manufacturing

• Inventory Management and Tracking

• Transportation

• Sales

• Research

• Substance Abuse Counseling

“We strive to continuously evolve the lifecycle management of medical cannabis markets and regulation of manufacturing and patient data through partnership relations with vendors and regulatory agencies.”
Said Terry Roston, The Founder of Motagistics, LLC.

Motagistics Seed to Sale Software Suite (4S) is designed to be compatible across all platforms (iOS, Android, Windows and Linux) and browsers (Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Edge). Users can take advantage of the free 30­day risk free and cost free trial subscription provided by Motagistics, LLC.

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About Motagistics, LLC

Founded in 2011, White Hat, LLC of Erie, Michigan has been a provider of web based IT solutions, app deployment, marketing and design in industries that include, but not limited to, manufacturing, realty, radio, distribution, sales, human resources and news media. White Hat has provided POS, web interfaces, menu systems and ecommerce services to greater than 1,200 clients since 2011.

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