“FluffyAndRover.com” is Launched Offering A Unique Angle On Items For Dog & Cat Lovers

Not just content with selling products online, this site offers unique insights and information pet lovers seek.

JOLIET, ILLINOIS, August 19, 2014. With all of the pet supply websites currently online, it is refreshing to see a site like the recently launched FluffyAndRover.com. The motivation behind this site was not as one would expect, not the commerce and profit driven model usually encountered on the Internet. The site’s founder’s life has been filled with a love for animals, which has blossomed into fostering cats, rescuing cats and socializing feral cats. She felt it very rewarding to see an animal that is terrified of humans morph into a trusting and cuddly buddy. It is also rewarding, but very difficult to nurse a terminally ill animal through its last days. So she decided to start this business to offer items to make pets’ lives more interesting and fun.

FluffyAndRover.com is a very attractive site and easy to navigate. It is broken down into several categories, which include: Products, Blog, No-Kill Shelters, and News. This is one of the few sites on the net that will have a listing of animal shelters that will not put unwanted animals to sleep. The Products Section includes: Books, Grooming, Items For Elderly Pets, Bowls & Self-Feeders, Training Aides, Accessories, Treats, Toys and Beds & Furniture. To be sure, Items For Elderly Pets is a great addition to the site, as older pets need some exercise for their longevity and quality of life, as well as comfort items.

A popular book offered on the site applies to dog lovers who love big dogs. “Big Dog Breeds” by Dan Rice discusses Great Danes, Irish Wolfhounds, St. Bernards, and many others, 40 breeds in total. He advises on health problems related to size, discusses breeding idiosyncrasies, and gives expert information on special nutrition and feeding schedules for rapidly growing breeds. Each of these profiles includes a full-color photo of the dog that is being described. There is also detailed information on the traits, origins, and lineage of many large breeds, some of them dating back thousands of years in historical records. Additional color photos complement the author’s information and advice throughout the book.

FluffyAndRover.com features a “News” category, which is not offered on most sites in this genre. Here, a visitor will find interesting pet related news. A recent article reports on a dog owners discovery that Prozac can work wonders with an unruly dog. At her wits’ end, she learned about how Prozac may be of help with a dog who exhibits behavioral problems. This medicine helped her dog’s brain to permit her to be receptive to correct behavior. This article is a must read for pet owners with similar issues.

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