ADA Compliance Inspection Now Available for all Businesses in California

Los Angeles, CA – All buildings in California must go through an ADA compliance inspection. Finding an agency that does a proper inspection before deeming a building handicap accessible has been a problem for many property owners in the California. Now, a company that provides such inspection is available to offer its expertise and do the job right saving your property thousands of dollars in potential disability access issues. ADA-Inspection reviews all aspects of a commercial property to enforce adherence to Americans with Disability Act compliance requirements.

In the words of Matt Martin, “The law requires all buildings be accessible to people with disabilities. The law came into effect in 1992, but the requirements affect everybody, including buildings and companies that began operating before 1992. Our job is to check the buildings to identify any ADA compliance issues that may need to be addressed. ADA-Inspection serves clients throughout the Southern California region.”

Have an ADA compliant property is full of benefits for those potentially at risk for an ADA lawsuit. For example a Certified Access Specialist can benefit almost all businesses, ensuring that people with all levels of mobility can access their business equally. Showing you a proactive approach with ADA compliance is proof that your business is socially responsible. More consumers today decide whether to transact with a business based on social responsibility, and ADA compliance can help make sure a business is attractive to these customers. This is because customers consider such a businesses trustworthy, and customers visit such businesses expecting a better experience every time.

The main goal of having a CASp Inspection company for ADA Inspection is to remove all barriers that make it hard for people with disabilities to use public transport and access businesses. This disability access law also protects such people from any form of discrimination when applying for employment. Even those who are already working need protecting against any form of bias, which they get from this law as well. People with disabilities are as capable and skilled like everyone else, and ADA compliance makes it possible for them to prove this.

Non-compliance with ADA requirements is punishable by law and can cost up to $4,000 per lack of access for the disabled. Americans with Disability Act law has placed some stringent penalties in place to any organization or person for failing to comply with the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). For example, a disabled-person accommodation which has not been addressed or modified to remove physical barriers or provide auxiliary aids to make it easier for a person with disabilities to communicate is at risk of paying tens of thousands of dollars in fines. Often times, many businesses are sued due to lack of ADA Compliance related to their bathroom. Sadly there are repeat offenders in this world who will walk-through many businesses and review the business bathroom for ADA compliance, if the bathroom is not wheelchair accessible they will let the manager know and hire an attorney. These ADA abusers are known to bring witnesses and have the ADA Compliance down to a science – if your property is not up to code you might be reviewed by someone with a cash reward in mind.

Anyone can get in touch with ADA-Inspection using the addresses and other contact details published below. Contact the organization to benefit from its expertise in inspecting schools, apartment complexes, parking lot, and many more commercial buildings and access points for compliance with ADA. The inspection is not free, but the price of the service is nothing compared to the hefty penalties that can be faced without it. Complying with the Americans with Disability Act is beneficial to almost all public businesses and communities, and is worth every cent paid for it.

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