New Website for Loss Assessors Launched

Manchester – Cherry and Griffiths Loss Assessors have announced the launching of a new website. The website will contain all the information that clients need on loss assessors, and how to get the most out of their insurance claim. The site will be a resourceful tool in the hands of clients seeking information. The site will help clients to understand the differences between loss assessors and loss adjusters so that they know whom to choose when the need arises.

According to Geoff Williams, who is mandated to speak to the media, “Although we have a branch of Cherry and Griffiths in Manchester, our feeling is that we needed to do more. We realized that finding information on loss assessors and knowing when to hire them is a hard task. This convinced us of the importance of creating a website to make it easier for clients to find what they need, as well as understanding the need of speaking with a loss assessor to ensure that you get the benefits you deserve in your claim.”

With Cherry and Griffiths in Leeds and their Manchester location, the company is well established to help clients throughout the Yorkshire area. In addition to their multiple locations, Cherry and Griffiths has launched their new website, which will provide clients with additional information on the advantages of hiring a loss assessor. The assessor’s loyalty is towards the policyholder. On the other hand, the adjuster’s loyalty is towards the insurance company. Filing an insurance claim can be a daunting task, but not if one works closely with the best assessors.

An assessor manages all aspects of a client’s claim. He negotiates and deals directly with the loss adjuster appointed by the insurance company to ensure that the policyholder receives, not the minimum, but the best compensation for losses incurred. The new website will help policyholders to understand the benefits they will gain by cooperating with the assessor, rather than just dealing with their insurance company and insurance adjuster. One of the benefits is that the claim will be handled property, thus eliminating costly errors.

By launching the new website, Cherry and Griffiths hopes to better reach their target audience, while also providing information to all local residents about the importance of loss assessors. The new website will attract more attention and bring in more traffic. The new website will improve the company’s rankings with local search engines, making it easier for local residents to contact the company and begin the claims process to ensure that they will receive the best compensation possible. A loss assessor is key in insurance claims involving fire, flooding, or theft.

Cherry and Griffiths Loss Assessors have recently launched their new website, which will help them to reach out to more residents in the Yorkshire area, ensuring that they receive fair compensation for their loss. The company has a vibrant customer care department that will answer all questions regarding the need for a loss assessor.

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