New Tourism, New Operations, Intelligent Tour Services In Hebei Province, China

The 1st Hebei Tourism Development Conference will be launching in Baoding city of Hebei province from September 23rd to 25th. Innovative tourism operations highlight the conference, especially Baidu Tourism & Leisure Resort on the west side of Beijing is full of abundant innovations.

1, Innovation Develops Intelligent Resort

As one of the main meeting-place of the conference, Laishui county upgrades in a full-scale. Through a building-up of the hardware, the resort is taking shape of a unified and efficient management platform in terms of dealing with comprehensive situation, rolling stock and staff dispatch and emergency handling. In addition, a one-stop service has been unsealed at the resort to help the visitors on food, accommodation, transportation, scenic spots orientation, entertainment and a full version of the walk-through and so on. All these makes an intelligent resort and tourism come into real.

2, The Industry Innovation & Upgrading Brings New Opportunities

Locating at Jingshankou village of Baishishan town, a drive in theater attracts lots of self-driving travelers, with featuring its nation’s biggest screen. According to the source, the theater has covered the area of Lai Yuan Tian Hong Beneficiation Plant. To cater the conference, the plant has stopped the production, cleared the sand, reconstructed the land and planted trees and flowers to fit in with converting the local tourism development at Baishishan and to successfully build Tian Hong Tourism & Leisure Driving In Theater. The theater combines the theme hotel, ecological arder, auto camping, fruit picking, business and life purpose, it has the largest screen and the highest luminance digital cinematograph in China.

3, Tourism Industry Booms & Beautiful Village Develops Innovatively

Angezhuang village of Yi county, names the project as “loving hometown”, it builds up a destination for visitors to experience the unique Chinese local specialties and amorous feelings of the beautiful village. The project has ecological agriculture, folk-custom discovering, folk cuisine, homestay, performance and so on, it is not only the industrial park of the tertiary industry, but also the base to inherit the rural culture.

In today, Laishui, Laiyuan and Yi county are full of scenery, and leisure everywhere. These 3 counties make Baidu Resort sparkling in front of the tourists in the west side of Beijing by innovating a series of measures, which make the views more beautiful and services better. Visitors would enjoy a modern service and the landscape while sharing their moods on the internet.

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