“2 Bald Guys” welcome Former-Bear to the airwaves: Dez Clark shares mentoring experience

HARVARD, IL – 10/5/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Former Chicago Bear Dez Clark joined Tim Stewart and Kent Jones on their WHIW 101.3 radio program – “Two Bald Guys and a Microphone” and guest-host Frank Hosticka Monday morning. Clark was an NFL tight end from 1999 through 2010 – the last eight of those years with the Chicago Bears. He is now a motivational speaker and mentor working a program he calls “Dez Clark Speaks.”

Clark said his passion today is speaking with children. He described how coaches and mentors from his youth had a significant influence on his life. They helped to keep him on course to achieve his goals. Now, when he speaks to children, he tries to help them find where their heart is at – what really moves them even though, in some cases, parents are trying to impose their own passions onto their children.

“I look at mentoring as challenging people to be their best,” he said. “If you want to be at the level where you want to be there are certain steps you have to take.”

Stewart and Jones are also mentors. Listening to the discussion on the radio Monday morning may have given people the feeling they were sitting in to a panel of coaches discussing their trade. As Jones put it, “If you don’t take the time to encourage and mentor you fail.”

They also spoke of how those who succeed in athletics, as well as in life, have a short memory; they learn from their mistakes but they don’t dwell on them. They make a mistake and they move on.

The Premise of “2 Bald Guys”

Stewart has coached more than 5,000 young athletes over the years, many as a soccer coach. He now says that coaching soccer is an addiction. Jones is a Deacon and BMO Harris banker with prior radio experience. They both share an addiction for finding reasons for gratitude and for picking people up with their radio program.

They frequently speak of ‘rebooting your mental software.’ As Stewart put it, people should try what he calls “mental hygiene” – being – thankful for the chance to get up, to go to work and for the driver who cuts them off in traffic. One aspect of the program is helping people look at life a little differently.

Stewart, also a retired US Army Captain and business coach, said that people are bombarded with bad news. “With all that bad news, we see it as our job to provide them with something positive – the good stuff.”

 “There are a lot of benefits to gratitude,” said Jones, an ordained deacon and BMO Harris banker who has prior radio broadcasting experience. “I found an article listing 31 benefits of gratitude.” He described those benefits as physical and emotional. He also described the process as ‘rebooting your mental software.’

 “They say everybody lights up a room – some by entering, some by leaving,” said Stewart. “We’re trying to light up people’s lives a little when they welcome us into their lives on Monday mornings.”

Along with live broadcasting on the radio and on Facebook, listeners can also find broadcasts archived as a podcast on the WHIW Website: http://2baldguys.delivr.com/2vyve*. You can also check them out on Facebook: www.facebook.com/2bald.

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