Angel Baby Adult Cooling Pillow Mat Completes Four Hundred Amazon Reviews

“Angel Baby Adult Cooling Pillow Mat”
Angel Baby’s popular product Cooling Pillow Gel Mat for adults has recently gone past the milestone of four hundred Amazon reviews. Many Amazon shoppers have used this product as an effective remedy for fever, migraine, and hot flashes.

Angel Baby is pleased to announce that their popular cooling pillow mat has recently earned the distinction of receiving four hundred plus Amazon reviews. Angel Baby is an experienced manufacturer of baby products, and many of their products have been appreciated by their huge cleinetele in Amazon. A high percentage of Amazon reviewers have strongly recommended Angel Baby cooling pillows for anyone suffering from migraine, fever, and hot flashes. This high-quality product can be purchased on Amazon for $27.95 with many additional benefits.

Angel Baby cooling gel mat is made of an an ultra-comfortable cotton-blend, and is designed to ensure a good night’s rest for the users. The pillow contours perfectly to the user’s body and the pillow. Depending on user preference, the mats can be placed inside the pillowcase or on top of the pillow. Many other cooling gels available on the market contain water as the cooling medium, and tend to leak. However, Angel Baby has used a cooling gel that doesn’t leak. Those looking for an enhanced cooling effect can put their gel mats in the refrigerators for a while.

A recent user mentions in her Amazon review, “The pad is nice and large……no seams to feel against your face….the surface is nice and smooth, especially with the soft pillow case that it comes with…. It is very cool to the touch even without being in the refrigerator….It is great for my hot flashes during the night. I bought cheaper pads that were not nearly as cold and the cool didn’t last nearly as long. I would definitely recommend this for anyone dealing with night sweats. I am very pleased ! I haven’t even tried putting into the fridge yet….Awesome!” 

Another delighted user writes in her review, “Really gets cool in the fridge and in just a few minutes. Great to keep your pillow cooler now that it’s summer. Also is a superior cool mat for those of us who have migraine headaches. Product refolds which makes it easy to pack and take with you on a trip. Makes sleeping while traveling easier and you don’t need to take your own pillow with you – especially on vacation. Wonderful gift idea. Will buy this again.”

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