DNA Romance Offers Tools to Find an Ideal Partner with Scientific Accuracy

Even in today’s digital love marketplace, it can be extremely difficult to find the ideal partner.  You can be like the more than 40 million other Americans that visit dozens of online dating sites, and go on an endless number of dates, while still remaining unsatisfied.  Like millions of others, you probably realize that looking at photos and sanitized profiles just isn’t enough.

There is, however, a newly developed alternative—DNA Romance. DNA Romance is a new online service that helps refine your dating options to a select group that are biological compatible to you. There is considerable scientific data that proves that people are attracted to others with a certain biological profile. In many studies, it has been shown that people with dissimilar immune system profiles are considerably more likely to be compatible as friends or romantic partners. 

DNA Romance combines molecular genomics and a Nobel Prize-winning matching algorithm that considers appearance and common interests to help users identify potential matches.  This powerful new technology requires a one-time donation or your DNA, so that it can be analyzed and compared to other users. 

The use of genetic material to identify highly compatible partners is the next step in online dating, one that could revolutionize the industry. However, obtaining the necessary scientific equipment and creating this powerful new service is a costly proposition.  To fully develop this technology, DNA Romance has sponsored a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo to secure $250,000 in initial funding.

If you back this campaign, you can get valuable perks like name mention on the DNA Romance website, access to pheromone speed dating parties, memberships up to 12 months, DNA test kits, couples compatibility reports, Steel Sponsorship Status, Bronze Sponsorship Status, Silver Sponsorship Status, Gold Sponsorship Status or Platinum Sponsorship Status.

To learn more about DNA Romance or to make a financial contribution to this campaign, please visit https://goo.gl/SMnRhn

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