Service Lift Company Raising Standards

Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK – As property owners continue to modernise their buildings, increasing accessibility and convenience in both the workplace and the home, service lift companies have been in high demand. One company, however, has risen above the competition, raising the standards for both product quality and instillation timeliness—this company is Service & Disabled Lifts Ltd.

S&D lifts Ltd offers an impressive range of products that have been used as both commercial and residential solutions. Since the company’s establishment, it has helped its clients innovate and modernize their properties, making them more accessible with the installation of disabled lifts and service lifts, or increasing their efficiency and convenience with the installation of goods lifts and dumbwaiters. Many companies and homeowners have been searching for these property improvements as they are modern, and often necessary, solutions to make a home or workplace functional and accessible.

As leaders in the industry, S&D lifts Ltd has established working relationships with many other corporations, connecting them with the right products for their needs. The Group Property Director at Vertu Motors PLC, for example, boasted a positive testimonial for the company, stating “We would be happy to recommend them to other clients as a reputable installer. In confirmation of this we are currently engaged in two further installations programmed in our new build developments as our preferred installer.” The director goes on to praise S&D lifts on the quality of their services and their ability to stay on time and on budget.

While one of the most commonly reported inconveniences of lift installation is the time-consumption involved, S&D lifts Ltd has been praised by customers for their quick and thorough labour. Within just 24 hours of contacting the company, clients can receive a full quote, estimated based on the specifics of their desired project. In addition, compared to other companies that can take up to several weeks to install a lift, the engineering team at S&D lifts Ltd can complete the job in just one or two days; this is a huge benefit for both company owners and homeowners, as the construction is minimally invasive, and allows clients to return to business as usual.

S&D lifts Ltd has distinguished itself in the growing market for their quality products and fast instillation services. The company continues to raise industry standards in other ways as well, upholding top safety regulations and prioritizing reliability with their maintenance and repair services.

Media Contact
Company Name: Service & Disabled Lifts Ltd
Contact Person: Daniel Murtagh
Phone: 01912719803
Address:Unit 3, Diamond Court, Kingston Park
City: Newcastle Upon Tyne
State: Tyne & Wear
Country: United Kingdom