Universal translator idea moving from sci-fi into real-life app

Science fiction adepts might look at the universal translator as common fare for their favorite imaginary universes like Star Wars or Star Trek, but this concept is moving closer to reality.

Thomas Abraham of Manchester, England is seeking £25,000 ($32,000 USD) by Nov. 12 2016 to develop and implement his universal language app on the internet. To date, he has received £120 ($159 USD) from three backers through his Kickstarter.com pledge campaign.

“The aim of this project is to develop a Universal Language App, a language independent live translation/interpretation application, enabling people to communicate with each other, irrespective of the language,” Thomas stated.

Thomas said he envisions an app that allows live communication from “any-language-to-any-other-language.” The app will be designed to instantly interpret and translate in a person-to-person conversation and other forms of communication. The app is intended to be free for personal use, but a small fee will be incurred for a commercial use license.

“The first version will be a text based interpretation/translation app for major languages,” Thomas stated. “The next phase will be adding as many languages as possible and the final stage will enable voice communication and voice recognition.”

The Kickstarter.com campaign has five levels of pledge with rewards ranging from £5 to £5,000. Rewards include 50 PC commercial user licenses for the lowest level and up to 100K PC commercial user licenses for the highest.

The app will be designed to extend translation to any medium of communication. The objectives will include live interpretation, for instant messaging and conversation, increasing efficiency and productivity by eliminating typing as much as possible, any information on internet can be accessed in any language, create personalized languages for private communication. 

“The aim is to make it available on all communication platforms like Smart phones, computers and eventually on all interactive and entertainment gadgets like gaming/entertainment consoles,” Thomas stated. “The Internet and other affordable technologies and other tools are transforming the world into global community, enabling contact/communication between people, irrespective of their geographic location, language being the only barrier. The aim of this app is to break that barrier.”

With an academic background in natural sciences, culminating in a Master degree in Physics and later a Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications, I worked in the Science and Technology sector, mainly in the /IT sector for more than twenty five years.

“This is the first among such projects and I am determined to launch this universal language app successfully, combining my multilingual and technology skills,” Thomas said. “Combining my many years of experience in software/algorithm development, multilinguistic skills and fascination/love for the languages, cultures and people they represent is the real inspiration behind this wonderful but enormous project.”

Thomas stated the inspiration his app concept came from travelling and living in different parts of the world while working in the technology sector.

“I was fascinated by the beauty of countries, cultures, languages and the people they represent,” he stated. “Language is a symbol of people’s culture, nationhood and identity and everybody is proud of their language. If we are able to protect and preserve our language and at the same time able to communicate globally without the language barrier, people across the world will welcome that technology.”

Go to the link below, or more information or to make a pledge:

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