Take a Salty Adventure Cruise on 188\’ Expedition Ship launches on Indiegogo

Author of “The Unsinkable Spirit”, Captain Boris King, has launched his Indiegogo campaign to raise money to finance the overhaul of a 188-foot expedition vessel in order to launch what he believes will be a spectacular cruise experience for travelers who gravitate to the unique. With the Indiegogo campaign, King is hoping to raise the money necessary to have the Pacific Aurora pass the required SOLAS safety inspection and get the yacht back on the seas for high adventure.

Vancouver, Canada – There is something about the ocean that calls to many.  Whether it is watching a National Geographic documentary or taking a cruise, the sense of freedom that boats represent is undeniable.  When Boris King and his wife bought their first sailboat 30 years ago, never did they dream that the 57-foot boat would have such a lifelong impact.  Not only did it take them on a tour of the South Pacific, but it changed how they viewed the world. 

The King’s have come to Indiegogo to help finance the safety upgrades and inspection needed to get the Pacific Aurora ready to take people out for an ocean cruise.  Their itinerary and the ship itself was designed to show people the very best of the Pacific Coast in an intimate and breathtaking way.  They hope to have her ocean ready by winter 2016 with the help of Indiegogo backers.

“We have a beautiful ship, a great itinerary that takes people from Vancouver to Mexico, and have been invited to participate in scientific studies along the way,” says King.  “We believe this cruise will provide more than just the standard experience for our guests.  It will provide the type of pristine pleasures that someone would not get on the large cruise lines.  I’ve experienced the ocean at night, been witness to a galaxy of stars reflecting upon the water and found a type of joy in nature that you cannot replicate with film; you must experience it.”

In order to entice others to participate in the campaign, the Kings offer several perks along the way, including free copies of their book, The Unsinkable Spirit, to VIP passages on the Pacific Aurora. They encourage people to take a look at the Indiegogo campaign and allow their minds to explore the potential of this fantastic opportunity. As a sign of gratitude for their backers’ early support they are offering a substantial discount – a savings of 60%.

For more information visit:  https://igg.me/at/salty

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