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SAN ANTONIO, TX – 10/5/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Responding to the demand for Accurate Product Information (for Food and Beverage Items), increasing Governmental Regulations, and emerging Point of Sale / Supply Chain Technologies, is pleased to introduce  The Digital Product Information Catalog (aka The Database).

The Database is the largest, Fully Attributed, Item Level Data Set, indexed by U.P.C and EAN, created from Data and Package Labels supplied by the Manufacturer, fully Categorized, and continuously Maintained.

Put simply, this Database is THE “single version of truth” for Manufacturers, Distributors, Retailers, Business Analytics Firms, and Developers.

Currently, The Database contains more than 350,000 Data Records for:

Packaged Foods (National Brands and Private Label / Store Brand Items), Perishable Foods (Produce and Deli Meat), Food Supplements, Restaurants (Sit Down and Fast Food), and Beverages (Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic).

Data Fields and Field Sets include:

U.P.C., EAN, PLU, MT (Meat Track) Code, GS1 Manufacturer Name, Brand / Brand Line, Item Name, Description, Container, Imperial and Metric Size and Unit of Measure, the complete FDA Nutrition Fact Panel, Ingredients, the complete FALCPA (Allergen) Statement, and Temperature Warnings.

And these Fields set The Database apart:

Categorization (NACS or UNSPSC), Endorsements, Country of Origin, Health Claims, Shelf Life, Nutrition Fact Panel Values for Food Prepared, Allergen Notation for Primary / Cross Contamination / World Standard Items, and the FDA SR28 Interface (linking the U.P.C. to the SR28 Index Number.

The Database is available as a Complete Data File, or via a REST / JSON API.

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