MarMetrix Launches A New Mobile App Marketing Platform

Los Angeles CA – MarMetrix is proud to announce the launch of their new mobile app marketing platform. Utilizing the specialized suite of tools mobile marketers can easily test, measure and optimize each of the key elements that are necessary for a successful app – value proposition message, user acquisition, and lifetime value.

“The current market for apps in the U.S. is extremely competitive and it’s only going to get more so in the future,” said MarMetrix founder Toren Ajk.  “Currently iTunes and Google Play both have over 2 million apps in their stores and both are expected to grow to over 5 million apps by 2020. The current average cost per install is over $3.  Even more daunting is the fact that a quarter of all apps are opened only once after install and 50% are opened five times or less.”

Given the complexities of the app marketplace, marketers need to focus on actionable metrics. That is the root of MarMetrix’s platform, which consists of an app store landing page tester, marketing analytics, and an app store ranking tracker.

The app store landing page testing tool lets users test their app value proposition messaging and visuals to not only improve the conversion rate for installs, but to get users exited about actively using the app so it doesn’t fall into the one and done quagmire.

The marketing analytics section of the software not only measures the performance of ad campaigns down to individual ads but also measures social and organic sources. In addition to standard metrics, such as installs, opens, conversions, DAU/MAU, each app has its own Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). MarMetrix lets users setup unlimited custom events in order to easily measure KPIs.  

The last part of the product suite is an app store ranking tracker (iTunes and Google Play). Users can track how optimized landing pages and new marketing campaigns impact their ASO. According to Apple 65% of all installs originate in the app store via searching and browsing, which means improving rankings is critical for long term scaling. More installs plus engaged users and higher conversion rates over time will increase your app store rankings (ASO).

MarMetrix is the first complete suite of tools available for app marketers to easily test, measure, and optimize messaging, acquisition, and lifetime value.

About MarMetrix

MarMetrix was founded in 2014. MarMetrix’s mission is to provide actionable marketing metrics.

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