Volume One, making human life a little bit better

Richard Zourek of Dusseldorf, Germany is seeking 10400 € ($11,649 USD) in pledges by Nov. 7, 2016 for this Volume I project. With 33 days to go, he has received $29. 22 (USD) from his Kickstarter.com pledge campaign.

Volume I will be a sixty-page booklet of selected picture prints designed as a focus for enhancing a more relaxed state of calmness. The pledge-goal will be used toward production expenses for an initial run of 500 units.

“In today’s times it is so hard to just stay calm and focus on the essentials in every day´s life and work,” Zourek stated.  “The rhythm in Volume One is chosen after an algorithm that was developed out of music in a way that triggers an emotional reaction which puts you in a calm state of mind.” 

It is built around the goal that your personal experience changes with time and the book changes with it, according to Zourek, the designer of Volume I.

“Whatever you do in your life this booklet might be able to help you in moments of need. Volume One, make your life a little bit easier,” Zourek said.

There are four levels of pledges with rewards in the Kickstarter campaign, ranging in value from 1 EUR to 52 EUR (approximately $1.12 to $58 USD). Starting at the 13 EUR ($15 USD) level Rewards include at least one picture print from Volume I, delivered in a specially made envelope. Multiple prints will be available for higher levels. Deliveries will sent anywhere in the world and scheduled for Dec. 2016.

“The biggest challenge with any physical product is the manufacturing process,” Zourek stated. “I spent a lot of time with different printers and manufacturers to select the ones who have been professionals in their field for decades, manufacturing books and catalogues for artists. If we shoot over target which would be a blessing I will do my best to be still on time with delivery. I will do whatever it takes to ship and deliver on time, because your investment will be your pleasure.”

Over the past decade, Zourek has studied classical sculpture, stone masonry and contemporary art in the Czech Republic, Italy, and is currently completing his studies at the Düsseldorf art academy in Germany.

“The idea to make this booklet came out of working in the field of music, poetry and mathematics,” Zourek said.  “The goal was to produce something that is like an espresso or an LP – rich, velvety, empowering, and as a cherry on top, some science. According to studies having an item on your desk that is positively charged can lead to a plus in work flow.”

Go to https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2095492576/volume-one?ref=email for more information or to make a pledge.

Kickstarter has been an online platform since 2009, designed to aid people in promoting and raising startup capital for their creative ideas.

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