ClutchIt: The First Magnetic Anywhere Phone Mount in the world

Hong Wang of Staten Island, New York and the founder of Clutch Accessories is seeking $50,000 in pledges by Nov. 13 2016 to market his new cell phone mount called ClutchIt. With 43 days to go, 74 backers have pledged $2,132.

“We are a bunch of hard working guys that use our passion for innovation to create products with style and convenience,” Wang stated. “We are in the business of thinking outside of the box and taking ideas from dreams to reality.”

The Kickstarter pledge campaign has ten levels of pledges, ranging from $2 to $1000 with rewards. From the $18 level on up, the rewards include one free silver ClutchIt, approximate retail value of $34. The highest pledge level rewards include up to 50 ClutchIt units in a variety of colors – silver, gold, space gray, and rose gold.

“In today’s world, having a convenient place to place your phone is a must. Whether you are driving, cooking, at the gym or just trying to take the perfect selfie,” Wang stated. “What makes ClutchIt stand out is that it is the world’s first non-intrusive phone holder that aims to make your life easier, less cluttered and simple.”

The innovative design allows a 360-degree rotation and a bend of 100 degrees on all sides. An adhesive film and metallic discs allows the mount to be attached to most surfaces.

“No need for two hands with ClutchIt,” Kevin Skeuse, the design engineer. “Avoid clutter and bulk while adding convenience to your day to day life. The discs are discreet and leave no residue behind. ClutchIt enhances the design of your phone by offering metal discs in several colors to match your tastes. Options include: silver, gold, rose gold, space gray and matte black.”

Pledge rewards are expected to go out in December and can be shipped anywhere in the world. Shipping to U.S. residents is free.

“The main challenge we face is a possible delay in shipment of products by the proposed November 2016 launch date,” Wang said. “The worst case scenario would be product shipping in early December.”

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“Not only will ClutchIt minimize the clutter in your life,” Wang said. “It will also give you a level of safety and convenience unmet by any other phone holder product. Thanks to everyone who pledged and helped us spread word. You are awesome. Very much appreciated!”

Kickstarter has been an online platform since 2009, allowing people to promote their creative ideas and raise startup capital for marketing it. 

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