NativeLOOK Ltd., a pioneer and a world leader in developing wireless smart jewelry, just announced that it is going to launch a crowdfunding campaign soon for getting its products to the mass-production stage.

London, UK – 6 October, 2016 – NativeLOOK Ltd. announced that it is going to the mass-production stage upon completing a round of crowdfunding. The exact date of starting a crowdfunding campaign is not released yet, but according to the company, it is going to happen quite soon.

As known, NativeLOOK Ltd. is a pioneer and a world leader in developing wireless smart jewelry, such as smart pendants, smart bracelets, smart earrings, smart rings, which incorporate the most advanced AMOLED displays that are capable of displaying about 17 Million colors. NativeLOOK is known for coining the term “smart jewelry” and leading a smart jewelry revolution all over the world.

According to Dr. Dan Grois, the CEO and Founder of NativeLOOK Ltd., you can change your look according to your mood at every moment and become stunning just with the press of a button, and this is extremely easy to use! First, the free NativeLOOK app should be downloaded and installed, while supporting connectivity with a wide range of operating systems, such as iOS, Android and Windows. After that, the NativeLOOK smart jewelry, such as a gorgeous NativeLOOK smart pendant, should be wirelessly connected by Bluetooth, and then the desired image or short video can be immediately sent to the NativeLOOK smart jewelry directly from a smartphone, tablet or smartwatch to be displayed on a gorgeous AMOLED display in a second!   

In addition, NativeLOOK smart jewelry has extensive functionality, further incorporating various sensors, such as a light sensor, which allows to decrease or increase display brightness, according to the current light conditions, thereby always ensuring a perfect jewelry look.

Further, NativeLOOK provides SDK tools for developers to allow developing application for any purpose and, also a marketplace of images/short videos on, thereby allowing its users either to sell their visual content for displaying it on the NativeLOOK smart jewelry or to share this content for free.   

NativeLOOK invites now the wide audience to register on for getting updates regarding the crowdfunding campaign start date. The company reports that a very limited number of backers will enjoy a huge discount of up to 40% on the first-come first-served basis. 


NativeLOOK Ltd. is a privately held company with Headquarters in UK. NativeLOOK is a pioneer and world leader of the smart jewelry industry, introducing wireless smart jewelry, such as smart pendants, as well as smart bracelets, smart rings, smart earrings, etc. NativeLOOK supports iOS, Android and Windows-based smartphones, tablets, and other devices which have Bluetooth connectivity.

In addition, NativeLOOK provides SDK tools for developers, as well as a marketplace of images/short videos, thereby allowing users either to sell their visual content to be displayed on smart jewelry or to share it for free. NativeLOOK makes a special emphasis on its Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), and it has a very significant number of Worldwide pending patent applications and patent designs.

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