LA Beauty Labs Announces New Dry Brush for Superior Skin Care

LOS ANGELES, CA – 10/6/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — People struggling to support healthy skin have been turning to LA Beauty Labs. They recently announced the release of their premier dry brush. Although this may be considered an unusual item in the USA, all through Europe people have been using the dry skin brushing technique for hundreds of years to support healthier skin naturally.

CEO and founder of LA Beauty Labs, Mr. Alex King, explained the benefit of this practice in a recent interview, “Dry brushing helps to enhance your body’s circulation and stimulate your lymph nodes. This purifies your blood of toxins and helps to support healthy skin cell turnover. By using a dry brush regularly, you’ll notice a big improvement in the condition of your skin. It won’t be dry or itchy, and it will have a wonderful natural glow.

There are several dry brush designs on the market. However, the LA Beauty Labs’ brush is unique. It is made in Russia from Siberian birch wood and boar bristles. The company producing these brushes has been doing so since 1922 and is well-known for their high quality craftsmanship. LA Beauty Labs has been fortunate enough to secure an exclusive trade deal to import this high-end product.

The benefit of boar bristles is very evident when comparing this brush with others that use synthetic bristles. Boar bristles are very strong and durable. They also deliver the ideal amount of pressure to help remove dead skin cells and other build-up to reveal, healthy youthful skin layers.

The LA Beauty Labs dry brush has an ergonomic handle that is just the right length to allow users to treat their entire body comfortably. By using this dry brush several times a week, men and women can anticipate much healthier skin. To learn more about LA Beauty Labs and their dry skin brush customers can visit the company’s storefront. This item is available to Canadian and American-based online shoppers.

Disclaimer: Brush not designed for wet brushing. Use at your own risk. Dry thoroughly if exposed to water.

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