International Artist Li Qingsong Patented for Creating Leaf Sect of Chinese Painting

Li Qingsong, a famous international painter and founder of Leaf Sect of Chinese Painting (drawing Chinese painting in the form of leaf), was born in Tianjin city in 1969 and graduated from Central Conservatory of Music with Bachelor of Arts in arts management (the direction of fine arts). He was fond of painting since childhood, respectively took part in painting group in primary school and art group in middle school and studied in landscape class of worker’s club in Heping district, Tianjin city during that period, which laid a solid foundation for his skills of traditional Chinese painting.

He further studied respectively in landscape class of Tianjin Oriental Art College (sparetime) and in Tianjin Shenzhou College of Further Education in Painting and Calligraphy taught and guided by famous painting & calligraphy artists in Tianjin, such as He Yanzhe, Jia Wanxin, Ma Qichang, Chen Zhihui, Han Wenlai and Tian Yingzhang, which brought large improvement and benefit to his painting and calligraphy. He, following teachers’ indoctrination, learned from life, mountains and waters, experienced and practiced in the nature without painting for many years and finally got his inner inspiration.

He majored in painting landscape together with figure, flowers and birds in traditional Chinese style. He was lucky to be accepted by Aisin Gioro Qinian to be his student who is versatile in poetry, calligraphy and painting and took Zhang Jinrong, a skilled painter, as his teacher to learn painting of figure, flowers and birds and to do further study and research in poetry, calligraphy and painting with continuous efforts and development to higher artistic level.


There is a saying in ancient Chinese painting “Ma for corner and Xia for half” (Ma Yuan loves painting corner of the picture and Xia Gui half of that, both of them are famous painters in Song dynasty), while Li Qingsong can be called as “Li for leaf” because of his composition of Chinese painting in the form of leaf. He, through about 30 years of exploration and research, created composition mode of Chinese painting in the form of leaf. The characteristic is to show artistic beauty of Chinese painting in the leaves by traditional Chinese realistic painting or by freehand brushwork painting, with contents involved including figure, flowers, birds, mountains and waters, and to keep several hole-shape blank areas in the leaf as needed to present vermiculate state (as picture 1 and picture 2).

The composition mode of Chinese painting in the form of leaf not only brings double senses of beauty visually but reflects the spirit of the times as well as fragmentary beauty. It will be more likely accepted by young people to apply this composition mode in articles of daily use. It’s also Li Qingsong’s goal to beautify people’s life by combining Chinese painting with mainstream of life as a fashion, to bring Chinese painting into the big family of the world, and to let people all over the world love Chinese art and culture. We aim at becoming not only an economic power but a great cultural country in the world.

With invention and use of photographic apparatus and spread of western art in late Qing dynasty, Chinese painting was no longer the only choice of embellishing and reflecting people’s life, while photography can more easily reflect real life and western painting of realist school made Chinese painting lose its original status in life too. With improvement of printing technology and introduction of articles of daily use from abroad bring people more colorful life and ornamental, such as match, wall clock, pocket watch and bicycle, Chinese painting became collections and objects of artistic appreciation of some people and kept away from mainstream of life. There appeared to be a lot of great famous calligraphers and painters in modern times who made contribution to new breakthrough and innovation of ancient art of painting from techniques and themes, which, however, cannot prevent the fact that Chinese painting gradually kept away from mainstream of life and this fact also affected development and prosperity of Chinese painting.

The current situation will be changed by innovative invention of the composition mode of Chinese painting in the form, which has gained national design patent and was issued with certificate of design patent by State Intellectual Property Office of The P.R.C. It opens a window for development of traditional Chinese painting and forms a new sect “Leaf Sect of Chinese Painting”. Believe that a prosperous period of Chinese painting is coming, the fever of that will spread from inland to all corners of the world and ancient Chinese painting will certainly be the favorite of people in the whole world. It will be a new fashion of the world to love Chinese culture and art as well as Chinese painting.


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