WW2 Croatian immigrant’s inspiring success story in the USA receives Kirkus starred review

WW2 Croatian immigrant Michael Novakovic’s inspiring memoir “A Pilgrim for Freedom” has received the honorary starred review from Kirkus Reviews. The book talks about his riches-to-rags-to-riches story of seeking refuge in America in the war-torn days and later on finding success in the US Air Force and as an established American entrepreneur.

Chicago, IL – October 10, 2016 – Fetching a starred review on the prestigious Kirkus Reviews is a dream come true for any book and the latest one to join the list is “A Pilgrim for Freedom”. Authored by Michael Novakovic, the book is the inspiring memoir of the Croatian man’s odyssey to America during the plight of WW2 and how he made a flourishing career in US Air Force and later on established himself as a successful entrepreneur in the foreign land.

“A remarkable and gripping account of a boy fleeing a war-torn nation and eventually flourishing in America”, read the starred Kirkus review about Michael Novakovic’s telling riches-to-rags-to-riches autobiography.

“It’s a moment of great honor and pride for me to have my memoir ‘A Pilgrim for Freedom’ being received with a much-coveted starred review from the esteemed Kirkus Reviews. Less than 1/1000 independent books submitted to the revered American book review portal earn a star and the exclusive status is reserved for only the Books of Exceptional Merit. I am really excited to have my book being considered eligible for that heightened stature by the learned Kirkus reviewers and also hopeful that my inspiring memoir would be able to render the much needed fillip in your life, when you are bogged down by tremendous adversity”, stated Michael Novakovic, former Lieutenant Colonel of US Air Force and the founder of renowned Metallic Ceramic Coatings, Inc.

Published by the author himself, “A Pilgrim for Freedom” has also received a stellar 5 on 5 star rating from other elite sites like Amazon and Goodreads. The book is available in paperback, hardcover and Kindle editions and is soon to come up in an audiobook version next week with narrations by John Farrell, and produced by Davis Sound, LLC.

Novakovic’s book tells the tale of how a young boy of 11 had to leave his comfortable luxurious peaceful life in ancient Split under the oppressive Nazi & Fascist attacks during WW2 and how he grew up as a brave dedicated US soldier and later a big shot American businessman. A poignant & charming memoir with a gripping storyline, the autobiography accounts the plight of a Croatian once-very-wealthy immigrant family reaching to the US in the midst of hunger, explosions and hardships usual in a war-torn world and also shows how bravely the refugee family carved its route to success once again in a foreign land, something that was unimaginable in the darkest episodes of the epic war. Finally, Michael’s book is the heartwarming diary of a valiant and loyal soldier who actually paid back the debts to America for defeating communism and fascism through his distinguished designation in the American Air Force intelligence operations.

“A Pilgrim for Freedom” has earned rave reviews on Amazon.

“A profoundly touching story which actually stays with you- it’s also an amazing reminder of the fact that courage, character & tenacity actually count”, read one warm review on Amazon.

“The book has brought history to life!” was another review from another inspired reader.

To get your copy of “A Pilgrim for Freedom”, visit Amazon or www.pilgrimforfreedom.com

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