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LOS ANGELES, CA – 10 Oct, 2016 – What are Escape Rooms?

A physical adventure game where the players-are locked up in a room, where they have to use the elements in the room for solving a series of puzzles and escape it within a set amount of time is known as an Escape Room. It is the physical version of the successful “escape the room” video games. The location of the game can be set of a variety of fictional locations which is a good team building exercise.

The first escap- room was created in 2006 after its success a series of escape rooms have started around the United-States, Japan, Canada and China in the year of 2010s. Permanently fixed locations of escape rooms were first opened in Asia, which was later followed by other countries.

Why an Escape Room?

Team building is an important thing which is needed when you have to succeed in any competition. It is important to bond with others for survival and an escape-room is a game which highly builds the quality of team building.

The older types of team building activities are becoming very boring to the current generation. It is always important to grow along the current trends and an escape-room is acurrent trend which is followed by many corporates for their team building activities.

When you are locked up in a room with your teammates with a set amount of time you will have to think on all angles for escaping from that room. Each person thinks differently and their thoughts might help you identify all the possible clues which are available in the room which will help you escape from there. It will build the coordination among the team members and will also help in building a bond with them, which will make it easy for working together with them.

This game is something fascinating which appeals the people opting for it which is increasing their curiosity. People are natural problem solvers however nowadays we are not having a time for using it. After the influence of TV and gaming, we started forgetting about a physical activity and it will be one such game. These rooms are unconventional and they will thrill you and engage your mind actively. It is a good bonding experience where you can build the trust you have on each other. It will also be a unique way of spending time together.

As it is under a roof weather will not spoil your mood anytime while you are playing this game. This game will make you feel yourself to be a detective. By solving a mystery for coming out of that room you can feel yourself to be a James Bond or Sherlock Holmes. It is a huge stress reliever, after completing a stressful project and you want to relax with your team it’s always a fascinating game.

It strengthens your concentration as you try to focus on solving the mystery and getting free from the room. It will also help boost your analytical thinking power. Learning some important life skills will be possible with this game. It will help you bond with one another and make you manage yourself to be calm and peaceful and more intelligent and the skills of listening to others thoughts without wasting your precious time arguing.
This game is suitable for all ages from kids to adults and elders. It doesn’t have any physical activity all you need is your concentration. It will be a great gift for your loved one.

Who all can play the Exit Games?

It is not necessarily important to be a corporate event. You can play this game with friends, family, classmates in schools or colleges and office mates. There is no constraint about with whom you are playing it. It will build your quality of team bonding within you and enhance the way you interact with others. It will be helpful for people who want to come out of their shy-self and explore the people and things around them.


EscapeIQ is a company in Los Angeles,which offers an escape room experience. It will give youa definitive real time experience in escaping the room. The participants will be trapped in a room with which they have to escape by solving a series of puzzles, finding clues by working together within the allotted time.

One hour is the time allotted for escaping from the room. The EscapeIQ provides two types of teams;one is The Alcatraz (prison like aroom) and The Vault (a closed vault-likeroom). Los Angeles is the best place for having fun and Escape Room Los Angeles is the best place for having fun under a roof in whatever climate.

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