Repairing the ability of human body self-healing Diabetes can be self-healed

CCTV network October 10, 2016 News (Reporter Yang Jie), The “Regulating method for self-healing: Repairing the ability of human body self-healing–Diabetes can be self-healed” press conference, in Mongolia Ulaanbaatar City Hotel Shangri-La was held.


Panoramic view of the rostrum

Instttute of traditional medicine and technology of Mongolia director Chimedtseren CHIMEDRAGCHAA, to introduce the Regulating method for self-healing at Institute of traditional medicine and technology of Mongolia, The First State Central Hospital of Mongolia, The Second State Central Hospital, The Third State Central Hospital and Bayanzurkh hospital for diabetes conducted Clinical research results said: Regulating method for self-healing Chiyu shoes Since November 2015 until June 2016, to 269 patients with diabetes with the duration of Clinical study shows: Use up to 30 days, the 57 people blood glucose have returned to about 6mmol/L, Use up to 60 days, the 95 people blood glucose have returned to about 6, Use up to 90 days, the 130 people blood glucose have returned to about 6, Use up to 120 days, the 158 people blood glucose have returned to about 6, use up to 150 days, the 200 people blood glucose have returned to about 6, use up to 180 days, the 249 people blood glucose have returned to 5.96 mmol/L normal range, accounting the total number of clinical for 92.57%. others condition is more serious 20 patients has been significantly improved , blood glucose average value from 17.89, restored to 7.27 mmol/L. 237 people (accounting the total number of clinical for 87.98 %) not inject insulin and not taking hypoglycemic agents.

Chimedtseren CHIMEDRAGCHAA also said, Through clinical research foun,regulating method for self-healing for the higher the blood glucose hypoglycemic effect of severe diabetes patients is more obvious.

He stressed,any medical research institutions can go to this 5 hospitals, to this 269 patients with diabetes clinical examination of primitive data were conducted inspection; can also always go to the hospitals to patients with diabetes get on clinical test.


5 hospitals Dean

In the conference site, Dean of five hospitals in Mongolia concerning regulating method for self-healing, for their respective hospital patients with diabetes clinical rehabilitation typical cases was performed detailed clinical data presentation.


Shao-Nian Yang speech

Awarded the Nobel Prize in medicine of the RoyalSwedish Karolinska Institute of diabetes experts Shao-Nian Yang Dr. said: Currently, antidiabetic treatments mainly focus on glycemic control via administration of insulin and antihyperglycemic drugs. These diabetes therapies have no beneficial actions on β cell function and regeneration. Therefore, they cannot permanently normalize blood glucose levels to cure diabetes. Mr. Wu has invented an ingenious method to restore the self-healing ability of the human body by combining traditional medicine and magnetic devices in regular shoes. Mr. Wu, you have paved a new avenue for effectively fighting against diabetes. You have made important contributions to diabetes prevention and treatment.


Ferid Murad Speech:

In 1998, Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine winner American Biomedicalist Ferid Murad Dr. said: When the human body’s self-healing ability declines, the body will age and get sick. So to enhance and improve the human body’s self-healing ability is the key to cure a disease. After the self-healing ability is improved, not only the disease can be cured faster, but also can save a large amount of medical expenses.

The Nobel Medicine Prize winner in year 1931, M.D. Otto Warburg from Germany, found out that when body’s oxygen level is lower than the normal level of 65%, cell hypoxia occurs and the anoxic cellc would transform into cancer cells. Thereby, he pioneered the study of hypoxia pathophysiology and carcinoma. The theory of hypoxia causes metabolic disorder is widely accepted by academia and also become the consensus for modern medical studies. That is to say, lack of oxygen is a major cause of sickness, but when it is sufficient all sicknesses can be healed, the lack of oxygen in human body’s cells is the cause of many diseases. Oxygenating appropriate, can be through the body self-healing ability of restore and enhance leaving the disease to recovered.

World Health Organization appeals to get rid of people’s dependence on drugs, one true healthy body should enhance the body’s own healing ability. This is the call of human destiny, also will be the future development trend of medicine.

This time Regulating method for self-healing: Repairing the ability of human body self-healing–Diabetes can be self-healed clinical study resultshow, It is ideal for human health and longevity provides a new way of thinking, opened up a new way.

When we humans’ biggest health problem: Diabetes–can be overcome, the fact that patients have lifetime use of hypoglycemic drugs or insulin to control blood glucose will become past history.


LiJi Wu Speech

The invention of LiJi Wu Introduction Regulating method for self-healing of conditioning mechanism said:The human body’s self-healing ability is a ability of body to heal sickness. The human body’s self-healing ability plays a role in cell regeneration, the vast majority of human body cells have cyclical degradation and regeneration, While the body is restoring and improving the self-healing ability, it needs adequate oxygen at the same time.

Clinical medicine study shows that serobic oxidation is the main form of human glucose metabolism. In an environment with sufficient oxygen, 1 mole of glucose can combine with 6 oxygen molecules to generate 38 molecules of ATP, Then releases 686 kilocalorie of energy. When there is sufficient oxygen, Carbon-hydrogen bond of blood glucose can be completely opened, blood glucose can be fully oxidized, and start to generate energy and release heat by metabolism.

According to the human body’s self-healing medical theory, Regulating method for self-healing is focusing on the foot as the prime location for supplying human bioelectricity, chose shoe as the conditioning carrier. The shoes are equipted with 12 kinds of Mongolian Medicine the 6 energy boxes and 68 rare earth permanent magnetic sheets. Under the regulating method for self-healing medical impact, the human body’s bioelectricity in red blood cells is sufficient, so that the electrophoresis rate of red blood cells will become faster, its curl deformation, spiral circulation become faster as well, therefore the human body blood circulation will be smooth and strong, when the human body’s bioelectricity in red blood cells is more sufficient, the more the number of red blood cells to carry oxygen molecules, The benefit is that the entire body’s oxygen receive adequate supplementary, the hypoxia symptom, which is the cause of many diseases, is eliminated as well as the hypoxia glucose metabolism disorders. Eventually blood glucose can run healthy and fully oxidated metabolism, blood glucose can be restored to normal.

In an environment of sufficient oxygen, which allow them to conduct proliferation and regeneration, new cells can replace the old cells. As the result organs and tissues can recover to the original good stage. Such as diabetes, diabetic cardiovascular disease, secondary nephropathy syndrome, that are caused by hypoxia and functional disorder can be recovered and self-healed.

According to report, regulating method for self-healing Chiyu shoes in 1993 began to enter design development,once has received: 4 European Patents,11 Chinese invention patents,35 in the geriatric disease copyright certificate.

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