Nancy Fabian Presents Her Children\’s Book Titled “The Red Cat“ That Comes With A Time-Limited Offer

Nancy Fabian is an author of two other entertaining children books called The Pink Dolphin and Nira’s Heart. She now presents her first book called The Red Cat andoffers a time limited discount to the readers. Right now, people can buy one of the Nancy’s books and receive another one for free!

The Red Cat Book presents a positive story of a loving cat named Mindy. She is different from other cats because of her color, so she found it difficult to fit in at school. Eventually, the creative cat found a way how to reach the hearts of her classmates and to become a part of their team. The story teaches little children a valuable lesson of accepting people who are different and to consider them equal to themselves.

This touching story is inspired by author’s life experience. Being born with a rare Moebius Syndrome, Nancy had to deal with a bilateral facial paralysis and disability from her early childhood, making her different from other children. Now, she can better understand kids who face difficulties because of disability and would like to teach others of being more accepting and tolerant.

Reading The Red Cat was a life changing experience for Nancy’s daughter Christa, who shared that this book helped her deal with children who teased her at school. They stopped doing that when they read this book. She encourages everyone to read her mother’s book too.

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Red cat

About The Author:

Nancy Fabian is born in New York with a disability. Her strong character enabled her to overcome all the difficulties in her childhood and to earn a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Fordham University. Now, she lives with her husband and her beautiful daughter in Fairfield, Connecticut. Besides writing children books, she works for over 15 years as a dedicated Histotechnologist.

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