Misty Michael’s Book Why Me?: Overcome Life’s Battles and Soldier On Is Offered At A Reduced Price On Amazon

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Misty Michael is an author of a new book titled Why Me?: Overcome Life’s Battles and Soldier On where she reveals her personal story. She describes her own experiences traveling the destructive path of addiction, abuse, worthlessness and hopelessness to living a victorious and overcoming life. The readers can find themselves in her story and take the first step to their recovery.

This new offering by Misty Michael unravels important issues related to one’s self-esteem and self-destructive behavior. It exposes the negative feelings that people encounter when dealing with life’s pain.

As a life transformation book, Why Me? leads people through the reality of life’s daily battles. Through her journey she shows us how to break the chains of addiction, emotional bondage, and depression. This book gives encouragement to any man or woman, who is currently in a desperate situation or is dealing with the toxic emotions left behind.

The author reveals to us how she was battered by life’s trials and not only survived but also shows us the way out.  Moreover, in this book she teaches us how to live a life of freedom without the weight of condemnation, shame, guilt, and desperation. She turns our focus from ourselves to a loving God where we can find healing and perfect peace.

The book was published on January 1, 2016 and consists of 144 pages.

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Misty Michael

About the Author:

Misty Michael is an author, wife and a mother of two wonderful children. She is also a teacher of Life’s Healing Choices and a mentor of women, who fight not only abuse and addiction in their lives but the damage left behind. She leads people toward God and His Word for complete healing.

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