Saamahn Mahjouri of San Francisco seeks fund for his new app campaign called \”PokeLogs – Record Keeping for GO Players\”

Saamahn Mahjouri of San Francisco is seeking $500,000 by Nov. 5, 2016 in marketing his new PokeLogs, a companion app to the highly popular Pokemon Go.

“With PokéLogs, users can share photos of discovered Pokémon while navigating to and from the GO app using our built-in feature,” Mahjouri stated. “I’m raising funds to better reach and acquire the users I need to make my iOS application viable in the market. My current activities involve leveraging the powers of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google ads to spread my reach across to as many Pokémon GO fans as possible.”

PokéLogs has been designed to record images for Pokémon GO players, allowing users to send photos of “captured” Pokémon characters as an in-built feature of the GO app, according to Mahjouri.

Other features have been included in the PokéLogs app. First, augmented reality (AR) to enhance the hunting experience within the GO app through location tracking. Additional technical stuff will be geofencing notification. Also, users can order Uber rides with the app. Finally, posts can be sent to variety  media outlets, such as Twitter or Facebook.

“I’ve recently started spending the majority of time on advertising and marketing to scale my product in order to reach the right target audience,” Mahjouri stated. “Most importantly, users can navigate directly to Pokémon GO from PokéLogs (built-in feature) in a seamless transition via the Safari Web Browser on iOS.”

With approximately 10 million Pokémon GO players worldwide, among iOS users, Mahjouri has been utilizing, Slack, and Pokémon GO blogs as compelling media outlets in various attempts to raise global awareness about my application.

“Most of the challenges I’ve faced in my time developing this product have occurred from building the entire PokéLogs iOS app from scratch as the sole technical founder,” Mahjouri said, “and in doing all heavy-lifting w/ respect to the marketing, advertising, and the scaling required in getting my final product to reach minimum viability in the App Store marketplace.”

The url of the application is

“As a hybrid software application, PokéLogs is by far the most revolutionary companion app for Pokémon GO on the market,” Mahjouri said. “I just released PokéLogs to the App Store – its key objective is to successfully converge advanced social networking features w/ augmented reality components directly related to geolocation.”

Mahjouri worked at Apple Inc. for 6 months as a contractor, and founded his own company, Holofire Inc., as founder and lead iOS developer.

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