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The increasing consumption of fruit flavored drinks and protein drinks fuels the “DL malic acid market” demand. Asia Pacific is expected to witness exponential growth over the forecast period owing to the promising demand from countries such as China, India and Indonesia.

The DL malic acid market is expected to grow at a significant pace from 2016 to 2024 owing to the increased use in food and beverage industry. It is formed by mixing equal amount of dextro and leavo isomers, which exhibits features including controlling growth of microorganisms, adjusting pH and flavor enhancement. This makes DL malic acid preferable for use in food and beverage industry.

As these substances imparts pleasant flavor in food and beverages, they are used in products such as bakery, carbonated beverages, fruit juice, desserts, sports drink and frozen specialties. Moreover, it is used instead of/or with less sour citric acid in sour sweets. Increase in consumption and demand for these products is expected to benefit the market over the next eight years. It has preservative properties, which have applications in convenience food products including processed foods and ready to drink beverages. The increasing consumption of fruit flavored drinks and protein drinks fuels the demand for the product.

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Moreover, due to flavor enhancement qualities and rapid dissolution rate malic acid is used in powdered mixings including ice tea and dry fruit soup mixes. As the soreness of malic acid is more than that of citric acid, less quantity is required, which reduces the unit weight. Such quality is expected to increase the consumption in food industry. It is added to alcoholic apple ciders to maintain constant sharp taste and also improves the flavor profile of wine. Thus, as the demand for alcoholic drinks increases the demand for DL malic acid is also expected to grow.

Factor restraining the industry growth includes the stringent government regulations for its consumption in food and beverage market. Regulations exists on manufacturing, using, importing, transporting, selling and disposing of malic acid or products containing them. In UK, policies including food standards (preserves) order, miscellaneous additive in food regulation and the soft drink regulation are applied for use of these substances. In India, Prevention of Food Adulteration Act has approved the usage of malic acid for use as an acidulant in miscellaneous foods and in carbonated beverages.

Asia Pacific is expected to witness exponential growth over the forecast period owing to the promising demand from countries such as China, India and Indonesia. Rapid urbanization in these countries is expected to boost the food and beverage industry, which in turn fuels the market growth. Furthermore, the growing disposal income in the developing countries is boosting the demand for the convenience products, thus elevating the industry growth. Europe and North America are expected to grow rapidly over the forecast period owing to the demand for the preserved and refrigerated products.

Thirumalai Chemicals Ltd., Polynt Spa Group, Novozymes, Fuso Chemical Co. Ltd, and Bartek Ingredients Inc. are the key market players. Suppliers use product differentiation as well as strategic alliances, mergers and acquisition to gain competitive advantage.

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In April 2015, Polynt Spa Group announced that it is planning to expand its malic acid capacity by 8000 T/Y owing to increased market demand by raising a new plant in one of its sites. The company claims to reach total capacity of 22,000 T/Y after completion of the investment for worldwide consumption in sectors including confectioneries, preserves, bakery product, food & beverage and technical industries.

Novozymes offers differentiated and innovative products to gain competitive advantage. For instance, the company announced that it has developed a fungus that enables production of malic acid used as a flavor enhancer or a feedstock to produce commodity chemicals such as 1,4 butanediol (BDO). 

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