Fast Growing Canadian Mortgage Broker, OE Mortgage, Provides Strategies For The Best Mortgage Deals

10 October, 2016 – Fast-growing Canadian mortgage broker OE Mortgage proudly announces its continuous commitment to growing its base of satisfied clients. OE Mortgage ( is one of a kind mortgage broker well respected in the industry as a reputable construction loan broker who also provides private mortgage. Founded by Ovsichtcher Egor and licensed to operate in Ontario under Silver Line Mortgage Group, the company has helped hundreds of clients secure good mortgage deals.

Most people are always afraid of how not to fall into the hands of dubious mortgage brokers who take advantage of their unsuspecting clients’ need. There is a growing trend of various mortgage frauds in Canada, yet under-reported, problem of mortgage fraud, perpetrated not by criminals looking to scam a bank, but by mortgage industry professionals looking to help their clients qualify to buy a home.

As a real estate investor, I became interested in the Mortgage business because it always amazed me how overwhelming could shopping for mortgage rates be. Every time that I was offered a rate, it seemed that the agent hiked up the rate purposely to benefit more from the deal. I chose the mortgage business as a career because I understand the people’s need for professionals who strive to uphold the integrity of this industry.

“As an entrepreneur, I understand the importance of my reputation. In this business, my goal is achieving success through your referrals, and in order for my client base to grow I strive to exceed my clients’ expectations.” Comments Ovsichtcher, Egor, Founder of OE Mortgage

People spend a lot of time and energy trying to build a new home; from layout to finish, the process can be quite overwhelming. For many people who choose to build their home, the details of their construction loan or construction mortgage are often overlooked. As a seasoned construction loan broker, OE Mortgage can handle the whole process ensuring.

I would recommend Egor to any colleagues or family whom may need assistance in the mortgage industry. Egor was also very welcoming and detail oriented in going through the process step by step, being very transparent and has his clients best interest at heart.” says a recent client.

OE Mortgage is a complete portal offering various mortgage solutions from private mortgage, 1st mortgage, 2nd mortgage, private mortgage, construction loan to home equity line of credit. 

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