Utah Company Launches SpacePaste®

Revolutionary no brush, no water tablet offers 24/7 freshness

October 10, 2016 – Salt Lake City, UT – Salt Lake City, UT company Space Paste LLC today announces the launch of a brushless, waterless toothpaste. The company’s SpacePaste® product comes in a dehydrated tablet form and offers users the chance to chew, swish and be fresh on the go.

“We all know we’re supposed to brush our teeth three times per day for good oral hygiene. But let’s be honest, how many of us actually do that? Our goal was to be innovative, but to do so in a manner that can help every single person worldwide, every day,” says company President Matt Myers. “Space-Paste® does exactly that. Not only can you use the tablets anywhere at any time, but we have clinical proof SpacePaste® cleans better than a leading flu-oride-based toothpaste.”

SpacePaste® Toothpaste To Go is gaining both national attention and distribution as the next innovation in oral care. Use the tablets after coffee, lunch, before important meetings, or just have it handy for camping trips, dates and other times that brushing simply is not an option. SpacePaste® is also perfect for emergency kits and relief efforts when potable water supplies have been compromised.

“SpacePaste® is carving its own distinctive lane between the gum/mint and toothpaste markets. Our chewable toothpaste tablet provides consumers a unique and highly effective option for cleaning their teeth and freshening their breath on the go. SpacePaste® is backed by more than 10 years of R&D and we are confident our product fills a significant need in the oral care market.”

In multiple focus groups, the most common response noted was how clean and smooth the participants’ teeth felt after using SpacePaste® and how long the fresh-feeling lingered. The two main ingredients responsible for this effect are Xylitol and ExoCyan® Cran (cranberry extract). Xylitol has been used in many dental applications because its properties prohibit it from being an energy source for harmful microorganisms, effectively “starving” bacteria before they can grow and multiply.

ExoCyan® Cran, the key ingredient in SpacePaste®, is a patented and highly refined cranberry extract which supports oral health. In a clinical study performed at the Universite Bordeaux Segalen in 2011, researchers tested the effect on dental plaque by using SpacePaste® with ExoCyan® Cran versus a leading traditional toothpaste brand with fluoride. The results were ex-tremely promising: “66.5% of volunteers showed a decrease of the plaque index after the use of toothpaste tablet, whereas only 38.8% of volunteers showed a decrease of the plaque index after the use of the traditional tooth-paste.”

Furthermore, “after six weeks of use of toothpaste tablets, the aver-age plaque index is lower than that of Day 0, with the mean percentage of plaque index being decreased by 17%.” For participants who started with higher plaque scores on Day 0, the mean percentage of plaque index de-creased by 34.7%. Comparatively, the average plaque index increased by 3.4% when using the traditional toothpaste. A further trial was conducted at Loma Linda University in 2011 and demonstrated that SpacePaste® has “a significant antimicrobial effect on common oral bacteria.”

During the initial launch of SpacePaste® the product will be available only through the company’s website www.spacepaste.com or through its crowd-funding campaign at https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/spacepaste-the-future-of-freshness-is-here-health/x/14972800#/. The company also offers options to support its humanitarian relief efforts.

Join in the Chew, Swish, Fresh phenomenon! Make your oral health a priority everywhere you go by trying SpacePaste® today.

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