Award  winning  audio  company  Audioberry  release  their  Zulaamplifier –their first  open  source  hifi  product  on  Kickstarter.

Available  for  another  21  days,  the  very  early  bird  deals  are  getting  snapped  up  fast. Rewards  begin  at  £168.

Zula  is  available  to  buy  now on  Kickstarter.

First  deliveries  will  be  in  Nov  2016.

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London – 09/10/16-  Launched via aworldwide Kickstarter campaign, we  proudly  present  our  first  audio  product-  the  Zula  amplifier.

The  Zula  is  an open-source,  superb  sounding  amplifier  for  streaming  devices  and Raspberry  Pi. Best  in  class,  innovative  and  exceptional  value.

Kickstarter audioberrylink:

Audioberryis  unusual  in  publishingall  their  products’build costs,circuit schematics andCAD filesonline  and  proudly  part  of  the  open-source platform.

Audioberry  is  an  award-winning  team  setting  out  to  reinvent  the  quality sector  of  the  HiFi  industry.

The  Zula  Amp  is  a  minimal  looking,  high  quality  and  powerful  ampfeaturing a 125watt B& O ICEpower module. The preamp section features a high quality input buffer.Zula  has  an  innovative auto power on and off feature triggered by music playback.

Zulahasan audiophile quality toroidal power supply for powering an internally raspberry Pi or other streaming devices.

Zulacan beconfigured with  various  features  to suit your budget.

Cleverly,  the chassis can comeflatpackedaspart ofa self build kit or purchased as  a fully assembled and tested unit.

Zulacomesin  a  brushed Steelfinish or  luxury  white  corian®.




Audioberry  is  an  open – source  audio  engineering  company  based  in  London.

Founded  in  2014  by  David  Simpson  and  Paul  Ponting.  We  are  a  small,  award-winning  team  of  tech enthusiasts and industry  professionals  setting out  to  invigorate  the  Hi-Fi  market.  We  design  and  build  great  sounding,  good  looking,  British manufactured  Hi-Fi.Proudly  open-source,  we  believe  that  superb  sound  should  be  affordable  to  all,  not  just the  wealthy  few.

Open source.Modern  design. Fair price.

  • Founded March2015
  • Based inLondon
  • Zula amplifierlaunchedon Kickstarter 09/10/16
  • The Juna amplifier date release TBC  5/12/16


Meet the team


   David Simpson                              Paul Ponting

  Audio enthusiast                      Electronic engineer

  andITconsultant                       and manufacturer



Fotis Anagnostou      Ivor Ponting Lawrence Crossman Paul Crofts

Electronic Engineer     Audio specialist Assembly man         Case design

Supremoand designer.


Zula Amplifier Specifications

Amplification comes courtesy of ICEpower, from the Danish electronics master  Bang& Olufsen. More specifically, the amplification module is based on some clever ICEpower class D technology, whichdeliversextended bandwidth, improved dynamic range, big power and exceptionally low distortion for its size.

2 x 125W at4 ohm is what you’ll find – morethan enough power todrive even the hardest to  drive  speakers.

Bang& Olufsen’s solid build quality and excellent service life are part and parcel of  Zula.

Zula’s pre-amp section is engineered to operate super efficiently, both inits standby andfully powered state.The ICEpowerefficiency exceeds 90 percent in both amplifier and power supply sections.

Combined withthe low idle consumption – five to ten times lower than in comparable class AB amplifiers.

Zulais also configurable to mono bridged mode.

Power Amp

B &O  ICEpower  125  watt  Power  Amplifier

Mono  Bridges  Mode  (optional  configuration).


High  Quality  Input  Buffer

Line  Inputs  x 2

Auto  On&  Off  Feature

Audiophile  Power  supply  for  Raspberry  Pi

The  preampmodule includesinnovative features.

The unitis designed to auto power on within 0.3 sec whenmusic playback detected and will power off 20 mins after music playback has stopped to save energy.

The unit includes line inputs. Ineinputcan beconfiguredto internally connectwith a Raspberry PI whichfits nearly in a custom designed caddy.

The preampincludes a high quality toroidal audiophile grade power supply designed to power the Raspberry PI oran external streaming device.


High Quality Speaker Binding Posts

High Quality Metal Chassis (safety & EMI standards compliant)

Optional Corian® Case

Expansion Bayto install media device

Excerpt  below  from  our  blog 08.10.16 by  our  electronic  engineer  Fotis.

Media Contact
Company Name: Audioberry
Contact Person: David Simpson
Phone: 07841773373
Country: United Kingdom