Modern Living with kathy ireland® Explores A Breakthrough in Alcohol-Free Herbal Supplements From Cedar Bear Naturales

Company President/Co-Founder Will Talk About the Company’s Dedication to Bringing Quality Liquid Herbal Supplementing to Adults, Kids and Pets

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(Los Angeles, CA, October 11, 2016) – Modern Living with kathy ireland® announces an exclusive interview with Jhoane Robinson, President/Co-Founder of Cedar Bear Naturales, a company dedicated to bringing quality supplements to the market. 

Robinson discusses the introduction of great-tasting, effective, non-toxic and 100% alcohol-free solutions into the world of herbal supplements.

Cedar Bear Naturales creates liquid herbal supplements with no alcohol. In contrast, most liquid herbal products from other companies are processed with alcohol. Cedar Bear Naturales’ products include a wide variety of liquid herbal supplements, including calming aids, digestive support, immune support, reproductive support and many more.

Robinson explains the process her company goes through to make sure their supplements are highly effective. She explains, “First, we have to source the most natural and organic and healthy herbs possible.”

Robinson goes on to discuss the reason that all of Cedar Bear Naturales’ products are alcohol-free, liquid supplements. She says it all began when her company wanted to make products for kids. She explains, “Children won’t do ‘yucky,’ they can’t swallow pills, so it needed to be a liquid. And also, they can’t do alcohol at all. And so, we manufactured liquid herbal products — dietary supplements that are totally 100% alcohol free. Most liquids out there are not.”

In addition to product lines for adults and children, Cedar Bear Naturales also has many products made specifically for pets.

JL Haber, Vice President of Programming for Modern Living with kathy Ireland®, adds, “Cedar Bear Naturales is a company that knows the importance of dietary supplements to help support our overall health. Their revolutionary liquid herbal supplements are an easy, effective way to make sure we’re all getting what we need to stay healthy. We are thrilled to have Cedar Bear Naturales on our show.”

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