Lintech Enterprises Introduces Access Control Solutions for People’s Safety & Security

With access control parts like the magnetic card reader, IC card dispenser and passport id scanner, Lintech Enterprises Limited helps maintain a high grade of security at different places, such as at buildings, banks, ATMs, parking lots and others.

Today, access control systems are very important to help maintain the safety and security of offices, banks, parking lots and other places. Lintech Enterprises specializes in supplying high quality access control parts that are ideal for creating a safe environment for everyone. With their professional and technologically advanced safety solutions, the company aims at creating the planet a safe place for the humans.

magnetic card reader 

The company supplies the magnetic card reader that comes equipped with highly integrated magnetic card decoding chip. The card meets the international class decoding standards and hence is safe to be used in different security solutions that use magnetic cards. The card consumes less electricity and exhibits a strong interference resistance. The smart magnetic card can read the data bi-directionally and there are intelligent lights to indicate that the card data are read. An improved product design makes the data reading task more stable and reliable.

According to the company spokesperson, their IC card dispenser is a versatile product for issuing different cards. The dispenser is ideally suited for parking lots for its compact size that saves the installation space. It has an improved card tank design at the rear for an easy management. When the card tank is full, there are sensors to detect and indicate it. It is also equipped with the multi-sensor protection function that prevents interference because of outside light. 

Lintech excels in supplying several kinds of access control products and their passport id scanner is an industry leading product. This multi-functional passport reader comes equipped with 3.0 Megapixels camera to read different kinds of documents, such as passports, visas, and other travel related documents. The full-page passport reader is the perfect solution for scanning e-passports, passports and other documents. It has multiple illumination sources that help in flawless reading of passports and extracting data. To know more about Lintech’s different products, one can visit the website

About Lintech Enterprises Limited

LINTECH is a high technology corporation, dealing with different kinds of security products. These products can be used in banks, telecom, transport systems, underground parking lots and more. The main products are; Card Issuing/reclaiming reader, Automatic-reclaim card machine, Electric Card Reader, Automatic counting machine, Card issuing/ reclaiming reader and writer. The company focuses on researching market demand and client’s feedback to produce and Re-marketing/Distributing products.

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