Airwheel C5 Smart GoPro Helmet as Birthday Present for You

Selecting gifts is never an easy thing. A girl may become hesitant when she chooses a gift for her beloved boyfriend. Flowers and chocolates can hardly impress him. Now those girls have a new choice that can surprises their boyfriends deeply- Airwheel C5 gopro helmet.

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In the modern society full of various innovations, the traditional gifts can hardly impress your boyfriends. Now those girls have a new choice that can surprises their boyfriends deeply- Airwheel C5 gopro helmet. Airwheel C5, with excellent performance and stylish appearance can be a perfect gift to your boyfriend. Airwheel C5 helmet camera is proud of its utility and entertainment function.
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Speaking of its utility, Airwheel C5 smart bike helmets is to protect riders’ safety of course. The shell surface allows the pressure to spread across the helmet for effective shock dissipation. To maximize a ventilation area of the helmet, Airwheel C5 intelligent helmet for road safety adopts front air intake, deep ventilation slots, top streamlined vents and tail vertical exhaust holes to vent air.
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Helmets used for different purposes have different designs. From the dimension of entertainment, the 2k camera mounted on Airwheel C5 smart helmet is to mention. The installed camera of 150°view-shed camera enables riders to capture pictures and shoot video during the riding. High-definition resolution can present supreme and impeccable pictures. For instance, if your boyfriend is fond of pedaling or doing extreme sports, C5 is an ideal one for him.

Enjoy music in the riding? Yes, Airwheel C5 helmet makes it come true, thanks to the high quality Bluetooth speaker compatible with mainstream equipment that can enable them to enjoy music and meanwhile to hear the external sound, ensuring that they are ready to deal with emergencies anytime.  Answer phones and keep safe? Due  to the specially designed windbreak and denoiser microphone, wearing Airwheel C5 Bluetooth helmet is able to filter external environment noise to guarantee a clear call during riding.

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Other than that, to keep up with the intelligent era, Airwheel not only releases App for its intelligent electric scooter, but also for its smart helmet. Boys can share the pictures or video with you via the App. Airwheel C5 helmet heads up display gives them comprehensive protection and catches the thrilling moments, a great device when doing outdoor sports.


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