Card Armor® Issues Warning to Protect Personal Information While Traveling

LOS ANGELES, CA – 10/12/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Many people are starting to think about making holiday plans as the year starts to wind-up. Whether this is international or local travel, there is always an increased risk of being the target of identity theft activity when on vacation. Tourists often stand-out and are an easy target for criminals, making them increasingly vulnerability. Card Armor has issued a statement encouraging everyone to take these threats seriously and ensure that their personal information is well protected.

It is this time of year that we start to see an increase in fraudulent activity and people begin to realize that they haven’t taken identity theft protection seriously,” stated Mr. Alex King, founder and CEO of Card Armor. “We are constantly hearing reports of people in situations where they have lost a considerable amount of money or their identity has been stolen while on vacation. Victims feel violated and powerless when this happens. One of the most frequent ways people are being targeted is through RFID technology. This is why we created our RFID Blocking Sleeves to prevent these crimes.

The Card Armor RFID Blocking Sleeves are a specialized social security card protector that can also be used for credit cards, driver’s licences, ID tags or any other card with RFID chips. These sleeves stop the transmission of RFID signals. When removed from the sleeves, the cards can then be used to make authorized purchases or transmit other personal information. While inside the sleeve, no RFID scanner can access or transmitted information stored on the chips, preventing fraudulent activity.

The blocking sleeves from Card Armor have been designed to last. The sleeves have a transparent front for easy card identification, while all sensitive personal information still remains protected. These sleeves are made to fit within normal sized purses, wallets, and money clips with ease. Currently this product is available for under $20, with 6 sleeves in every pack. Card Armor encourages people to get pro-active and think more about protecting their personal information before they become victims of crime.  For more information about this product, customers can visit the company’s page.

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The Card Armor makes a new clear front protective credit card holder designed for identity theft protection caused by unauthorized scans. The card fits in any standard sized wallet or purse. Patent Pending.

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