LOS ANGELES, CA – 10/12/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — This past weekend, Madhatter Knits represented as Children Hospital Los Angeles Junior Ambassadors participated in CHLA’s Action Day and held a successful bake sale for their fundraising efforts. These girls made it happen in helping CHLA reach their $10K fundraising challenge goal so that their fundraising efforts could be matched with a $10K gift to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

Tiffany was 9 years old when her 4th grade teacher taught her how to knit a scarf during school recesses. Though desiring to learn how to knit a beanie hat, Tiffany never got around doing it because it was summer and she ended up buying a loom to teach herself how to knit a beanie hat. Her first hat was an accident because it was so tiny in size but ironically that was why her life has changed since then. When she shared with her cousin, Christie Huang how her first beanie hat was so small, Christie who was working at a hospital’s maternity ward then, suggested it could fit preemies.  When they researched whether the hat would fit a preemie’s head size, they could not forget the images they saw of how small the preemies were. After seeing hundreds of pictures of preemies and reading their touching stories, the girls felt compelled to do something for the preemies and their family. When they contacted their local hospital, they discovered that the knit hats could make a difference between a preemie being admitted to the NICU unit or going home as the hats helped premature infants retain their heat.  Intrigued by the thought, together with Tiffany’s sister, Kimberly and Christie’s sister, Kathryn, the four girls started to commit themselves to knitting preemie hats in their spare time. Without wasting time, that Christmas they donated their first donation of 160 hats to the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

Before long many families with preemies thanked them and shared how their hats would be a lifelong gift to them remembering of the difficult journey they went through. The girls has since built a network of more than 100 members to the organization and started three school chapters in the Pasadena and San Bernardino area. To date, Madhatter Knits has donated more than 1400 hats to local hospitals.  The more these girls knit, the more they realized how a gift so small was actually a gift so big to the preemies and their families. Madhatter Knits has touched the lives of so many families of premature babies- not only by warming the preemies’ heads but by gifting hopes for parents, as milestones for growth, or as remembrances of knitting their love to tiny beginnings.


Madhatter Knits is dedicated to supply knit hats to premature babies.  Their goal is that critically ill infants and their families in the Newborn Intensive Care Units will receive love and support through their fragile beginnings.

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