Military Veteran Compiles Information about Veterans’ Health Benefits into New Book

Among the most honored members of American society are the millions who serve in its defense by traveling to foreign countries and performing combat duty. Often the armed forces service members who protect the United States sustain injuries in combat which require ongoing care. The unfortunate reality for many of these injured veterans is that the government’s Veterans Administration is a confusing and complicated bureaucracy that often neglects the most needy.

Suzanne Hill is a six year veteran who left the military following a series of serious health issues. After Suzanne filed numerous claims, she eventually received the care and treatment necessary to properly treat her health issues. Out of her lengthy and painful process, Suzanne has compiled an effective method for penetrating the VA bureaucracy and obtaining the benefits that every veteran deserves.

Suzanne Hill has organized this information into a book that she wishes to distribute to as many military veterans as possible. This guide will make an enormous difference in the lives of many injured and suffering vets who are forgotten or ignored by the bloated and incomprehensible VA system. Hundreds and thousands of proud service members’ lives could be saved if Suzanne Hill’s book is printed and distributed.

In order to make this publication a reality, Suzanne has sponsored a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter to raise the $5,000 needed to print the book. These funds will go towards print editing, copy editing, ISBN registration, formatting, copyrights and production of 245 initial copies. The initial copies will be provided to other veterans free of charge. To learn more about this very important book project or to make a financial contribution, please visit

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