NAPLES, FL – 10/12/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Naples-based art consulting firm, Emillions Art, premieres new work by seven sought-after contemporary artists at this year’s X Contemporary at the Nobu Hotel Eden Roc, Miami Beach, Florida from November 30 to December 4.

Brand new art pieces from NASA’s former artist-in-residence, Andreas Nottebohm, show alongside renowned contemporary realists, Jim Salvati and John D’Antonio. New York multimedia artist Larry Aarons showcases his new series, In Defense of the Species with wall sculpture and photographs on paper; MM Ciciovan debuts new abstract large-scale works created in her Montreal studio; recipient of the 2008 Olympics Five Rings Award, Shray, will exhibit newly cast bronze sculptures; and French oil painter, Alain Beraud, brings his perspective on Neo-Cubism with three new canvases.

Andreas Nottebohm’s innovative application of paint on aluminum makes him a pioneer in the field. His singular vision propelled him to create commissions for NASA and to exhibitions at the National Air and Space Museum at the Smithsonian Institution. Nottebohm shows extensively throughout the world; his pieces range from mid-size wall hangings, to four-feet wide concave disks, to towering 10-feet high metal sculptural pieces. He unveils new pieces at X Contemporary that test viewers’ perceptions on two-dimensional works.

Realist oil painter, Jim Salvati, utilizes texture to add emotion and depth to his panels. His paintings usually depict a lone figure, but are not so much portraits as they are snapshots of emotion in a singular moment. As a visual concept designer for Disney Studios, he has won numerous awards and acclaim for his animated work.

John D’Antonio is considered one of the top hyperrealist painters in America today, finding a deep resonance with pastoral scenes and stormy sailing images. His newest work, Untitled, is a departure from these landscapes and depicts the blight of graffiti transformed into a window for self-expression by his talent for composition and representation.

Shray, winner of the 2008 Olympic Five Rings award, employs the rare subtractionist technique when sculpting from clay. Through the lost wax method, her forms come to life in bronze. Her distinctive bronze sculpture is collected widely on the West Coast and in Europe. Shray exhibits three mid-size 30-inch pieces for X Contemporary.

M.M. Ciciovan’s work can be categorized as abstract, but that’s only half the story. Displaying an improvisation and a purposeful freedom of execution, Ciciovan’s work nonetheless reveals a balance of vertical and horizontal geometry. The resulting works reveal a vibrant harmony with a sense of control, but no tension. M.M. Ciciovan presents three large-scale works from her new collection.

Larry Aarons departs from his work in graphite on paper to debut In Defense of the Species, wall sculptures composed of bone skulls and actual sports masks. His latest work challenges viewers to consider the poignance of survival and the irrevocable harm humans discharge in the animal world.

Alain Beraud’s oil-on-canvas paintings directly draw from Cubism in a style he calls ‘Neo-Cubism,’ a modern interpretation of the 20th century art form popularized by Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque. His bold re-imagining of the human form is a fresh perspective and departure from realist portraiture. Beraud premieres three new artworks at X Contemporary.

Emilllions Art is a respected source for Old Master pieces as well as a known purveyor of contemporary works for collectors beginning to access the art market or established collectors pursuing specific works to diversify their collections.  Our collaborations with international galleries, collectors, buyers, sellers and appraisers all over the world allow for a nimbleness beyond that offered through a brick-and-mortar gallery.

Emillions holds extensive contacts in international art markets including London, Dubai, Spain, Boston, and Naples, Florida. Whether a collector is looking to develop a collection, expand an existing collection, or gain access to the Art market, Emillions Art offers expertise on how to focus and maintain a collection, complete discretion between parties, customized viewings, escrow services, and price negotiations. Emillions Art works exclusively in the corporate art, master collections and seasoned contemporary art sectors.

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