Skin Care Company Launches New Apple Anti-Aging Serum Backed Up By Scientific Research

Naples, FL – St Moritz a beauty product manufacturing company based in Naples Florida are excited to announce the launch of their latest product an Anti-Aging Serum made from the stem cells of Swiss apples. This easy to apply serum is manufactured entirely in the United States and a lot of scientific research has been completed that substantiates the fact that this product actually does produce the claimed results. The product is manufactured using high-quality ingredients. Dignitaries such as Michelle Obama are known to use a similar product, although St Moritz believes that their product which of course is made entirely within the United States uses better quality ingredients.

“Beauty and science are inextricably linked, and our company is always at the forefront of technology and research in our attempt to bring exciting and innovative products to the market,” said Joe Brown, a spokesman for St Moritz. A good quality anti-aging product that is scientifically proven to work, made from natural products and competitively priced was our aim when we set out to create our latest line of products. With Apple Anti-Aging Serum, we firmly believe that we have created a breakthrough product. We are extremely excited about the future both of our company, and of the product itself. We look forward to many new delighted customers, and so far the feedback from people who have tested the product has been phenomenal.”

St Moritz is an American-based family business that is fiercely proud of its all-American roots and manufacturing. All of their products are plant based natural topical treatments. Every product they make is manufactured to the highest possible standards in pristine conditions, to ensure that the product is of a premium quality. With proper scientific research, class leading attention to detail and success stories across Europe and South America, St Moritz are now excited and delighted to be launching their new Skin Care range in their home country.

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