Warlord Mobile Leads Launches Lead Generation Tool – Revolutionizes the Process of Effective List Building

October 12, 2016 – Omaha, NE, USA – Warlord Mobile Leads has launched a lead generation tool that contributes in collecting authentic and primary email addresses of consumers/ potential buyers etc., and to help digital marketers and business owners get the maximum out of their promotional emails.

According to company’s spokesperson, Steven Alvey: “By engaging the email client on your subscriber’s mobile device, Warlord Mobile Leads allows you to revive and revolutionize your email marketing by doing several things, all without leads needing to type anything into a form.”

It is a known fact that most people do not mention their primary email addresses in opt-in forms, some of them even go as to making mistakes that end up in collection of wrong email addresses as well. With the plethora of spam and marketing email messages that everyone receives, often digital media marketers and business owners have observed that their promotional emails aren’t even read by the clients. All these factors contribute to a lower opening rate and also a waste of effort on part of the sending party.

Warlord Mobile Leads solves that problem by replacing opt-in forms with a button that asks the receiver to reply back with information elicited by the sender. This connects to their primary email address and the email is sent to the business owner/digital media marketer with authentic information regarding the identity of the sender. This ensures that a) the information is of the primary email accounts of the receivers b) All information regarding names is authentic c) all fake accounts are automatically barred, hence making list building a cleaner process.

Warlord Mobile Leads is flexible and affordable for small businesses and digital marketers worldwide.

For more information please visit: http://www.warlordmarketing.com/

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