Elementio Software Is A Mobile Responsive App That’s Designed to Generate Leads Using Notification Boxes, Pop Ups, Animated Characters and Much More.

Elementio is a very classy software app that is designed to provide Extra Actions, Statistics, Duplicate Campaigns, and so on. This Mobile responsive app also allows you to use animated characters and helps you make your page beautiful and you can display your services and products more attractive using these special features.

Elementio software allows you to add any webpage or choose the most popular topic and make your website visitors buy your service or products immediately when they see the beautiful display page.

This sophisticated app is developed to produce leads using animated characters, pop-ups, countdown timers, notification boxes, and everything that you can use to attract leads. This cloud-based software is developed by Karthik Ramani, Zeeshan Ahmed, Declanmcnow and they developed the app with special multi-functional features, which allows you to include all those features to any WordPress Blog and Website and you can also integrate them to your preferred page builder.

Elementio offers easily accessible drag and drop placement and concurrent responsive page preview, and more.

It offers a perfect solution to your website and facilitates to integrate attractive and interesting components to your webpages, and it also provides completely new methods to improve the content.

Elementio Key Features Included:  

Notify boxes: These attractive boxes allow the customer to get the latest offers information and gives details on how to get those offers.

Poll Boxes: You can run polls and look for the popular options and get prospects

Animated Characters: This feature allows you to include a zest to the page by integrating animated characters and allows you to provide attractive information to the customers and leads.

Product Box: This feature allows you display the price of the product along with the inbuilt countdown timer that shows the availability of the product offer.

Video Box:  This feature facilitates you to provide a video box on the top of your webpages

Delay Pop-up:  The usage of right timing can make a lot of difference; with this pop-up feature you can make sure that get the information at the right time. 

Countdown Timers: This feature allows you to influence on paucity, you can include overlay timer at the top of the webpage to show the customers exactly when the offers will expire.

Images: You can add images on the top of the content, and you also include animations on your webpages.

Special features of Elementio

Extra Actions: This feature allows you to view, delete, edit and also grab the content easily and place it on any webpage directly from your dashboard.

Duplicate Campaign: This special feature allows you to enter the name of the campaign and allows you to integrate a link path and press the button, and in a few minutes, your cloned campaign will be ready.

Statistics:  This app gives the valid numbers, and provides the action stats to all the components that you included in your campaign.

The Elementio app contains multi-functional features, including advanced analytics, link shortener, and several other outstanding features.  The creator of Elementio made it possible to get lead generation by using the highly engaged elements, including Animated Characters, Notifyboxes, polls, and more. They made the app meet clients’ demands. 

For more detail, you could see Elementio software app review and demo here

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