David Glenwinkel of Taxcite Helps Those with Tax Needs

AUBURN, CA – 10/12/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — David Glenwinkel is the Chief Executive Officer of Executive Management Solutions, Inc. He also heads Portfolio Group Management, Inc. He has accumulated over 30 years of experience in strategic tax and planning. This has allowed him to gather a wealth of invaluable experience in effective business tax strategies. He has also established several firms that not only took off successfully, but also endured and survived over the decades to remain successful to date.

As an entrepreneur and venture capitalist, David Glenwinkel taxcite understands the positions and views held by hardworking business owners who wish to maximize profits and minimize their overhead. Minimizing taxes is one sure way of reducing a business’ overhead. The seasoned tax consultant and business designer has developed a unique aptitude of maximizing successful strategies for business executives and their ventures. He leverages his sharp business acumen and experiences in everything he does.

David believes in, and follows, a philosophy of life and business that involves practice, persistence, preparation and perspiration. According to the businessman, these are the best assets to possess. He stands out form the rest in his field due to his permanence and successful track record.

Education and Early Background

David holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the California State Polytechnic University in Pomona, CA. He later enrolled at Washington School of Law where he graduated with a Master’s degree in Taxation. He is currently enrolled at Washington School of Law taking his Ph.D.

He gained prominence after he was officially certified by the US Department of Treasury. As a certified agent, he could practice anywhere in the country and offer business or personal taxation services. He also represented businesses and other taxpayers in matters pertaining to taxation.

David started his career back in 1968 as a business tax strategist in his family’s business. He worked under the family’s accountant and learnt a lot from the experience. He states that the core of his capacity in tax management and business consultancy dates back to his early days working for his father. He was instrumental in building, expanding and managing the family business.

David Glenwinkel Honored as Top Tax Adviser and Humanitarian

In 2016, Glenwinkel was named the Top Tax Advisor & Humanitarian in Auburn, California, by CTOP. He was honored because of his extensive experience in both the local and international tax scene. Over his expansive 30-plus career, he has managed to use his unique set of skills in taxation and management to successfully create strategies for his client’s businesses globally.

Risk Management

David Glenwinkel is an avid traveler and businessman who believes in risk management as opposed to avoidance. This practical thinking has allowed him to better meet and exceed his clients’ needs. His businesses and taxation philosophies have been tried, tested and proved highly effective. David believes that any business that seeks to survive in the industry in the long-term must be willing to take risk. 

He further states that it is not enough to accept that every business is associated with risk, rather, it is essential to come up with effective and efficient risk management strategies. This allows the business to thrive despite the challenges that come its way. 

Companies Associated with David Glenwinkel

David has an impressive resume and bona fides that have only increased over the years. He founded several successful companies during his career that all became successful.

1. Executive Management Solutions

Executive Management Solutions (EMS) is a concierge service to different founder driven businesses globally. It offers services like Taxation, finance advice and solutions, drafting legal contracts, asset protection, and business structuring. The company is led by David Glenwinkel who is assisted by a team of highly accomplished and elite management staff.

The firm’s management team has over thirty years of experience handling domestic and international business development and taxation. Its unique combination of concierge services has seen its demand rise exponentially since its inception. The firm provides all its clients with topnotch planning and financial support systems available in the international market space today.

EMS consists of CPAs, EAs, CTECs and an experienced administrative team who all work hand in hand to provide expert business solutions. The firm has combined diverse employee backgrounds, company culture and decades of experience to provide excellent solutions to clients.

The EMS team has only one goal and that is helping clients flourish by providing them with top tax methodologies, business management strategies and financial solutions to meet their individual needs. By employing a proactive and holistic approach, EMS has successfully honed long term outcomes that have been tried and tested.

2. Portfolio Group Management

Portfolio Group Management was established in 2001. The company manages capital funds that are used for long-term small cap investment in commercial real estate. Since its inception, the fund has always produced the dividends promised while its market gains have repeatedly exceeded the existing market average on an annual basis. The fund saw real net growth and market value in 2007, 2008 and 2009 despite the fact that there was a 47 percent overall market decline.

3. Western Sierra Business Services

David founded Western Sierra Business Services in 1993. The firm provides business and tax services. It serves over 3,200 clients located in 35 states in the US as well as several other countries. In 2007, he sold the practice to its employees.

4. Ironwood Construction

In 1976, David built Ironwood Construction to offer real estate development services in California. He managed to develop hundreds of commercial and residential developments in the state. To date, he still retains a California Contractors License.

Personal Life

David has found a way to balance his personal and business life. Today, he is not only successful in his job, but also at home. He is a loving husband and caring father, a task he has successfully navigated for the last 32 years. He is married to Linda and together they have six children.

David is an adventurous globetrotter who has done almost everything ranging from living in poor African villages to climbing mountains. He spent over three years living in African villages in order to fully understand and appreciate the communities’ way of life. David has toured over 30 countries and has travelled through unguided treks in Africa. He once drove from Nairobi, Kenya, to Cape Town, South Africa. The distance spans over 7,000 kilometers.


David is an avid believer in giving back to the community and the less fortunate in society. He founded Village Care International, Inc., to oversee village care programs like “Today in Africa.” The program has managed to offer aid to over 200 villages in 13 African nations. It emphasizes on business development and promotes self-reliance among the African communities it operates in.

David has also taken part in the initiation and development of programs that mobilize at least 800 member villages to care for orphans and widows in African societies. The program utilizes local resources and principles developed largely by David himself.

Political Sphere

In 2000, David received the honor of being appointed by the then US president George W. Bush into the committee selected to restructure the IRS. He became the co-Chairman of the newly instituted Republic National Committee.

Public Speaker

To date, David has traversed the globe as a public speaker having secured over 500 engagements in Africa and the United States. Additionally, he hosted a radio show on the Sacramento Radio 1380 called the “Real Talk on Money, Real Estate and Taxes.”

David created The Forth Quantum Program. It is a business development program that aims at challenging the generally accepted success’ status quo. He is not only an accomplished tax manager and business executive, but also an avid philanthropic and humanitarian keen on teaching less privileged societies how to survive and thrive in their environment. With a string of successful companies under his belt, he has proven that indeed the sky is the limit.

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