Re-Freshen Warn About The Dangers Of Free Mold Inspection Reports

A free mold inspection report may not give householders the real picture according to Re-Freshen

A leading Virginia mold inspection company has launched a campaign to warn about the problems that could arise when using a company that offers a free mold inspection report. Although householders are always looking for value for money, and sometimes free is a great option, according to the mold experts, a free mold inspection could result in the householder paying out a lot more for the work to be carried out.

A mold inspection is a vital report to have to safeguard the homeowner and their loved one’s health as well as keeping the property in good working order. It allows an expert to look at the property and determine if there is a mold problem and what action should be taken to tackle it. If mold goes undetected in a home, it can cause serious health problems that include sinus congestion, respiratory problems, throat irritation, skin rash, and headaches. It can also cause continuous damage to the home, which eventually could become an expensive repair job. However, although a mold inspection report is important and will tackle the problem at hand, a free mold inspection could become a very expensive mistake.

A spokesman for Re-Freshen said: “A company that offers a free mold inspection may not provide accurate and un-biased information. This could result in the best company to tackle the job not being chosen, as well as more work that is needed being undertaken. That could result in the overall cost being more expensive than other companies may charge.”

Re-Freshen has said that by having a professional paid for mold inspection report, it allows the homeowner to know they are getting the real facts and are given accurate and un-biased information. Once they have the information at hand, they know what work needs doing if any, and they also know how much the work should cost when looking for a company to tackle the mold problem.

It is important according to Re-Freshen to have a professional mold inspection report done when thinking of buying a new property, after a flooding if mildew is spotted in the home, if stains appear on the furniture, or if there is a smell of damp within the home.

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