Measures to Remove Riding Perils for Airwheel 10 inch Sit electric Scooter S8

As more electric scooter producers surge into the market, the quality of the vehicles are not guaranteed. There are plenty of quality hazards which prevent people from choosing an electric scooter. Airwheel has taken plenty of measures to remove the riding hazards.

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More young people are trying to replace their automobiles with electric commuting devices, including electric bikes and electric self-balancing scooters. The reason is simple. Some live several kilometers from the subway station. There is no need to wait long for buses to carry them to the station. But it is also exhausting to walk to cover the distance. Now, owning an electric scooter will solve the problem. Besides, the fashionable appearance of the vehicles cater to young people’s appetite. 

Airwheel saddle-equipped scooter 

Currently, there are two many choices of electric scooters for customers. The different shape and cool functions may blur their eyes. The quality defects may prevent them from buying an electric scooter. Taking Airwheel saddle-equipped scooter for example to see how quality products guard riders’ safety. The three safety loopholes are high center of gravity, poor stability and lack of protective structures. Airwheel S8 2-wheeled electric scooter, by adopting an adjustable operating rod, has lowered its center of gravity. Riders can achieve the most safe and comfortable riding posture on the vehicle. The intelligent sensor system with multi-points spread over the saddle and pedals. The vehicle is quite sensitive responding to riders’ body movement. It can rotate 360 degree easily. Branded Li-ion battery and dual motors provide strong and steady power for the vehicle even to negotiate on slopes. S8 enjoys the stable performance on different road conditions. Equipped with brake taillight and turning light, the vehicle has met the safety standards to run on the roads. On left and right side, there is each a fender as a protective structure.

S8 saddle-equipped electric scooter 

Speed has been a key uncontrollable factor on the road. But Airwheel 2-wheeled electric scooter S8 allows its riders to set speed limit via an intelligent app. With the app, the critical data like running mileage and battery remaining capacity is more visualized. Users can keep everything at control.

When people buy intelligent scooters, they should sharpen their eyes and choose the established brand, like Airwheel. Brand is synonymous with high quality.

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