New Dutch marketing agency enters US market showcasing new hyper optimized technology

AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS – 13 Oct, 2016 – Telling your story online, improving brand identity and developing online marketing campaigns can be extremely time consuming and often a pain on the pocketbook if not done correctly. The key to overcoming these obstacles and gaining more awareness is often to outsource your social media to a professional management company. Social Media Sprinters, a Dutch marketing agency now entering the US, has a solution to this which includes hyper optimization software, the latest development in successful Facebook advertising technologies.

“More and more companies use Facebook Advertising, but don’t take full advantage of advertising software.” says Co-Founder Leander Klees.

The other piece of the social media puzzle is producing content, design and marketing strategies with the frequency and speed that social media marketing requires. Sometimes this can be 3-5 unique posts a day, while maintaining your course on strategy, and adding value to readers and subscribers. This is where transitioning your social media marketing to a company like Social Media Sprinters can really save companies valuable time and resources. By combining expertise in design, strategic marketing development, and intelligent hyper optimized software, online marketing campaigns have the highest chance to succeed.

There are few social media outsourcing methods that have been able to effectively use hyper-optimized software such as Social Media Sprinters. The use of this software makes advertising on Facebook extremely effective. As there are many different insights to act upon when using social media advertising such as targeting the right demographics and reacting to trends, using a hyper optimized approach can really make all the difference in reach and awareness.

“By using The Next Ad software we have the greatest ability to optimize results, analysis, existing Facebook campaigns and increase the effectiveness of our clients marketing strategy. It’s a game changer.” says Founder Robin Bergman.

About Social Media Sprinters:

Social Media Sprinters are marketing specialists, designers with technical knowledge, helping companies boost their performance and generate strong custom results. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram are all free to use but if you don’t have time to strategize, design and execute your social media marketing campaign, outsource your social media to Social Media Sprinters today. They will manage all your platforms and raise awareness within your target audience.

Expertise: Social Media marketing, Facebook Advertising, Graphic Design and Web design

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