Body Spartan Reveals its Exclusive Body Building, Shredding and Transformation Program, Genesis

San Francisco, CA – October 13, 2016 – Lean, shredded and well toned, that’s the dream body everyone wants, Body Spartan, the first fitness and bodybuilding site formed by professional athletes and international TV superstars, promises just that. Their new, 12-week Body Spartan Genesis program is a bodybuilding plan created specially by former WWE Super Star, Gabe Tuft (Tyler Reks).

Body Spartans are those fitness and bodybuilding enthusiasts who know they were made for more, and focus on creating and sharing the best self that is possible. Genesis is a bodybuilding and workout plan that uses secrets of bodybuilding learnt by Gabe Tuft. The fitness and shredding program rotates training from strength and mass to endurance exercises, thus continuously shocking the body and muscles. The plan comprises tri-phase training, workouts and cardio, completely digital instructions including videos, an e-book and full nutrition plans. Genesis also comes with a supplement guide, online support and lifetime access to the Genesis Members Area.

As lifelong professionals dedicated to bodybuilding, Body Spartan members are selected for their specialized knowledge and strengths in various areas of health, nutrition, workouts and supplementation. Along with bodybuilding and bulking programs, the website and the team cater to a range of fitness related products such as nutrition supplements, apparel and motivational videos.

Body Spartan believes that everyone carries a limitless ability to harness the power of their mind to unleash their fitness potential. It thus aims to break the boundaries and chains of the average, and help its customers change their physique as well as their entire lives. Each member of the Body Spartan team is thus selected to bring out this embedded greatness and encourage others.

“We have the tools and knowledge that only a lifetime of bodybuilding experience can offer. Body Spartans are here to keep you motivated, informed, and moving towards building a great you,” Gabe Tuft.

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