Chicago Remodeling Contractor Makes 2016 Top 500 List On Qualified Remodeler Magazine

Crystal Lake, IL Innovative Home Concepts, operating from Crystal Lake, Illinois, has made the 2016 listing as 324 out of 500 on the Qualified Remodeler Magazine’s top 500 the United States remodeling contractors. This listing arose from their services during the 2015 calendar year. Innovative Home Concepts, Inc. is owned by Rhett Wilborn and remodels home exteriors specializing in windows, gutter guards, siding, and roofing.

“We are Chicagoland’s first stop company for replacing doors and windows, gutter guards, roofing, siding and much more,” say Rhett Wilborn, owner and founder of Innovative Home Concepts. “This company is a family owned, second generation operated specialty home renovation enterprise. Ultimately, if it is a part of your home exterior and attached to the structure, we can help to make it like new again, give it a makeover or replace it completely. Our customers love what we do, and we give them all the credit for our 2016 Top 500 remodeler listing.” He adds.

There are numerous advantages to replacing old windows with new ones. They ensure energy efficiency, reducing monthly energy bills by making sure air conditioners and furnaces are not working harder than they have to. New windows can also improve lighting inside the home so that lights inside the home can be left off throughout the day. Home doors are also important to replace when the time comes; few people realize doors are the most used part of a home. This makes a door’s functionality, durability, and strength crucial. A home’s entrance door brings or takes away home curb appeal too.

The siding of a home is incredibly important; not only does it give the house it’s color, it functions as the protective barrier against outside elements. The appropriate siding can make a home the neighborhood envy, it saves money by providing another layer of insulation, and makes a home quieter by muffling outside noise. There’s also the roof to consider – a waterproof, tight roof stands out as a critical aspect of home exteriors. As such, roof replacements make for popular improvement projects which most homeowners hire professionals to undertake.

With a new gutter guard system, homeowners won’t have to climb ladders to clean their gutter; Innovative Home Concepts can install a new clog-free gutter system on any residential home. The gutter system they offer, called Gutter Shutter, is the best gutter system on the market and looks appealing on any home.

For more information regarding home restoration services that Innovative Home Concepts provides, contact them through the information below. With Innovative Home Solutions, it is easier than ever for homeowners in the Chicago area to update and restore their homes, making them secure and beautiful.

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Company Name: Innovative Home Concepts, Inc.
Contact Person: Courtney Wander
Phone: (815) 356-9020
Address:4410 Illinois 176 #1
City: Crystal Lake
State: Illinois
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